WSBA Advertising on Craigslist For An Attorney to Save Them…

UPDATE: We did manage to get ahold of the GBR and she said this wasn’t for her case, so it looks like they’ve violated someone else’s civil rights who’s taken their case to the 9th Circuit.

Occasionally when I can’t sleep I get on craigslist, I don’t know why I do it but I can’t seem to help myself.

Evidently I should be checking it more often.

As we reported earlier Joe Beavers, former Mayor of Gold Bar was deposed where he admitted that the town was filing bar complaints against Ms Block on the taxpayers dime, he admitted to being a Sky Valley Chronicle author, and a whole other host of actions which clearly constitute racketeering.

Then there was some felonious fudging of documents that we will report on soon, which pretty much nailed the final nail into their RICO keisters.

As most of you know I am disabled by multiple strokes but I can’t stop myself from looking through the part time jobs listings to see if maybe they have a job for a broken down old lady that I can do.

Instead I found the WSBA begging for an outside attorney to come and save them from themselves. Considering the ad was posted 26 days ago, when Ms Block got the orders to get depositions and given the language there is no denying that they are speaking of the Block v WSBA case.


Wa Bar Section 1983 Plaintiff’s Counsel (Seattle) © craigslist

compensation: Fee contingent, from case proceeds or out of settlement funds
employment type: part-time
Seeking fee contingent Plaintiff’s counsel for Section 1983 claim against municipal government. Estimated damages 750K or treble damages if awarded. Wa bar and experience in this area of litigation required. All awarded legal fees to counsel. Additional fee agreement possible. Second claim as a civil rico claim possible. Would be working with non bar JD on claims. Primarily motion pleading, and plaintiff’s brief. Must know law on Section 1983 in 9th circuit. Retained counsel fee contingent at jurisdiction maximum for pre trial settlement of damages. If interested please reply with short statement of background and skills, and any cases where you have been attorney of record.

What is so precious is that they think they’ll only be on the line for 750K and that they will be awarded damages.

They actually have picked a law firm so this ad is just to make it seem like they are playing fair but it is still amusing to see them squirm. Also good to know that they realize they are going to the 9th circuit.

We can only hope that this is the end of the WSBA as we know it: A private club full of abusers, pedophiles and unethical pond scum.

Even if this isn’t for the Block v WSBA case, that just means they’ve fissed someone else off.

Maybe it will finally become a state agency accountable to the citizens of Washington State!