12 yr old & 8 month old found safe

I’m sure many folks heard about a 12 yr old & 8 month old who went missing from the North Seattle area.They have been found safe which is the good news…
“Safe” being somewhat of a subjective word. Evidently the mother Summer Smith left her baby for a night out with a 12 yr old with a history of running away among other issues. The mother went out & a family friend came over & took the baby home probably realizing this was not a good situation.
This is a quote from the mother

“I’m not worried about my niece, I’m worried about my daughter.  I don’t care about my niece.  She’s the one that caused all of this,” Smith said.

We are still waiting for word of how much this cost taxpayers with the manpower needed to find these little ones. What the mother did in leaving her child alone with a 12 yr old with a troubled past is not illegal because she is of babysitting age, according to authorities.

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