SnoCo's Dept of Emergency Management John E Pennington

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There are many stories about this man, some seem too strange to be true, so we are going to break down each one
1) Pennington was ex-communicated from his church in California for molesting 2 little boys ~ True
The interviews were confidential, to protect those young men, since they did not ask to be the focal point of anything. They were abused & betrayed, their innocence stolen by a sexual deviant. The interview is beyond heartbreaking. Why the church did not call police or the parents did not instigate police action is still unclear Unfortunately most churches don’t report abuse solely just to protect their own interests which is why so many pedophiles remain safe & able to carry on their activities with NO fear of the consequences of their behavior.
2) Pennington is the prime suspect in the rape of a 5 yr old child in SW Washington ~ True
In 1992 there was a little girl who was abducted, & raped. When this monster was “done with her” he threw her out of the car on the side of the road down an embankment like a piece of trash. At 5 yrs old she crawled up that embankment & hailed down a car, meanwhile no one even realized she had been raped until 3 days later at which time she was assaulted again via a “rape kit” which later “disappeared” from a police evidence room.
Then just to add to that Mr John Pennington was having his wife at the time call police to give them tips about some guy named Walter… When you live in the same area, fit the same description, have the same car, drive that route for your coffee business every day, & have coffee in your car & have someone calling in with false leads YOU AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A PRIME SUSPECT.
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I have no idea how Orcutt also became suspect but when I asked him about it I got the weirdest response I have EVER had to any question ever before.
Since when if you were asked about being a child rapist, do you jump to the defense of someone else?

3) Mr Pennington is a woman beater with a criminal history ~ True

pennington abuse record
We have done several stories on our blog about the abuse that Mr Pennington’s ex-wives at his hands
4) Pennington lost his homeland security clearance & ability to carry weapons ~ True
For some reason there was a concealed weapons permit was issued by John Lovick even after the Redmond Police had to make several trips to his house to retrieve his guns after he pushed one of his wives down the stairs when she was pregnant
John Pennington CWP

5) Pennington has used his office & taxpayer monies to run his business & harass people on county time ~ True
Pennington runs a business called John E Pennington & he bids on govt contracts using county fax machines & while the disaster happened in Oso he was on the East Coast teaching emergency management classes. The irony was not lost on Snoco residents, nor was it appreciated

John E Pennington criminal record/misuse of time Snohomish County D.E.M.

6) Pennington was not & is not qualified to run Region 10 nor the DEM ~ True

The Seattle Times did an in-depth investigation of Pennington & his false credentials over 9 years ago

Local News - Local FEMA chief had little disaster experience - Seattle Times Newspaper 2014-07-04 11-55-27

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