Pennington using sealed court records to obtain no contact orders

Here is another story about another woman that Mr Pennington beat so badly that he put her in the hospital & she is still terrified of him. He used this info to try to obtain yet another restraining order

Instead of protecting the public from this man there are many county officials protected him. Not one person has stepped up & spoke out for the sake of a helpless child a woman, many women.

I recently received this document, & I generally try to explain each document I post but this one stands on it own.

Can you imagine being a woman being abused & knowing that no one would help you? Knowing that all his buddies would cover for your abuser, Judges, Police, & Politicians. Every day was like being in a war but there were no heroes to save you. Everything you endured, every slap, every slur, every abuse would go on no matter what you said, what you did or what you tried. Judge Lucas, it seems sealed the divorce records so no one would know what a monster this man truly was.

Why? What did he have to gain? He is an ELECTED official, most judges are, we need to end that so the other local politicians can’t influence the courts. Let them be hired on their merits & they won’t be so willing to pervert the law.

Anyway, I got this document & I am posting this because this man still has care, control & custody over a helpless child. I want you to read this & then I want you to put yourself in this woman’s shoes, I want to imagine the fear & the terror that this little girl still lives in.

Just because a proceeding is sealed does not mean that the public cannot get access to some of the records & since Mr Pennington used these documents to try to obtain restraining orders all over the place he left a lot of information open to the public. The danger with men like this is that they become violent when they are losing control.

Please read the last page, twice if you have to.


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