Bloomberg Has Finally Listed the 13th As “Out of Business”

But we all know the truth…I wish someone would tell it though. These ingrates ran off with our money, & NO ONE is holding them accountable.

The 13th Regional Corporation

Company Overview

The 13th Regional Corporation went out of business. The 13th Regional Corporation provides general construction, facilities maintenance, and commercial electrical contracting services. It specializes in private and government electrical projects. The company also provides construction management services. The 13th Regional Corporation was founded in 1975 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

1156 Industry Drive Seattle, WA 98188-4803

United States Founded in 1975


Fax: 877-774-7502

Key Executives

The 13th Regional Corporation does not have any Key Executives recorded.

Ailing 13th Regional Corp. shrouded in mysteryJill Burke | Dec 11, 2009

Jill Burke did a couple of story in late 2009 but as of yet there have been no real answers…

Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State is SUPPOSED to oversee the Corporation, but she is just a little too busy with her nose up the Amanda Knox issue, maybe once she uses that for her next Campaign move she’ll have a little time for the lowly “injun”

There is one statement that is very disturbing, it infers that we as shareholders are accountable for not calling meetings, but I believe that is the issue, they want to keep us all unaware of their activities, and whereabouts, most importantly keep their grubby little paws in our money.

The corporations are meant to be as autonomous as possible, with shareholders owning and ideally overseeing the investment, but they need to be proactive, according to Roger Prince, spokesman for Alaska’s Division of Banking and Securities. “It’s like any multinational corporation. You can show up (to meetings) whether you own one share or a million shares,” he said. But when a regional corporation isn’t holding regular meetings — as with the 13th Regional Corporation, which hasn’t held a meeting in three years — showing up is hard to do, and angered shareholders feel unfairly shut out.

I think it may be possible for us all to come together and file a class action lawsuit against Ms Cantwell, the Federal Govt, The Department of the Interior, and the Individual Board Members. There were at last count 5500 members. I have only heard from ONE so far. I would like to do a Public Records request for UPS to find out the details of the sale of Mailboxes Etc… I thought that it was going to be a pretty nice dividend for the members but didn’t hear anything, then realized they ran off with our money shortly thereafter.

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