We Change the World One Person at a Time

I am an enrolled member of the 13th Regional Corp, which as it seems now is more of a joke than an entity.

We never get any money, 17.00 has been my entire dividend payment, ever. Yes that is seventeen dollars. I never really thought about it, to me it was more of a way to find family whenever we would lose touch.

Recently I found out that there were troubles in paradise, and went down to the old office to find they had pulled up and left town. I had heard about the sale of our Mailboxes Etc. to UPS & was wondering why we hadn’t seen a dividend check yet as well.

I want to create an up to date database of Members so that we can file a class action lawsuit against the old corporate heads, and against the entities responsible for overseeing them.

We already got screwed with the land deal… We got none, but to have our own people steal from us and play with ALL of OUR monies, that is worse than any treaty that has ever been broken, it is our own destroying us and for that they need to pay, to be held accountable, to repay the money they have stolen from us.

I will be busy investigating this to the best of my abilities and would appreciate any and all info that anyone has to share. I look forward to hearing from all 5500 of you all that are still alive & interested!

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