For Sale: Uncle Tom Jones

UPDATE: As I expected I got quite a few emails about this story.

~I have to say I will remove one word but I stand by what I wrote.
~I also have say: Yes it appears I have contempt for the court, that assertion is incorrect: I have nothing but contempt for Richard A Jones, I am not in his court room, he is not hearing any of my cases, and I have no contempt for courts, just for the buffoons who are abusing them. Our “system” is the greatest one in the world but when people like this abuse it, it becomes meaningless.
~Yes I emailed him a request for a statement but he doesn’t believe he is accountable to common citizens so he never responds.
~I have no idea why he did not recuse himself once he knew that any WSBA members are part of this or would be named other then the simple fact that as I stated below he had already worked out a deal with Snohomish County. If you put this evidence in front of a jury they would agree. That is why they had to stop Ms Block, because once she was allowed to depose these people and get in front of a jury these people would all be going down in flames.
~ Yes I have contacted the FBI the DOJ, and every other 3 letter agency I can think of but we are dealing with a Former Federal Marshal, an FBI Field Agent, and a few Judges who have been put in compromising positions to rule in their favor from the Appeals Court, the Supreme Court and the US Western District Court

Having African American heritage about 4 generations back I take issue with the term “Uncle Tom” but I understand it and I have deep disregard for anyone who purports to be an advocate of honesty and fairness.

Enter one Judge Tom Jones

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Today history has been made: Uncle Tom has been revived

In order to understand the mentality that Judge Ricard A  “Tom” Jones is operating under it helps to take a look at the history:

James Weldon Johnson, a prominent figure of the Harlem Renaissance, expresses an antipathetic opinion in his autobiography:

For my part, I was never an admirer of Uncle Tom, nor of his type of goodness; but I believe that there were lots of old Negroes as foolishly good as he; the proof of which is that they knowingly stayed and worked on the plantations that furnished sinews for the army which was fighting to keep them enslaved.[7]

In this day and age when there are no slaves on an auction block there is still many ways to buy a “House Slave” all the way up to the U.S. Western District Court. Jones and others like him put race relations back 200 yrs, a place where we can barely afford to be.

The term connotes more then just race in this day and age.With the shift of Slave Owners being the 1% and the Slaves being the 99% although Mr Jones would fancy himself as the 1% he is merely a 99%er who is doing the will of his MASTERS and it seems he has many

If you remember we wrote on March 22nd that Crystal Hill Pennington put in a public record that Judge Jones was going to rule against Ms Block and order sanctions


The Pennington's providing more evidence of RICO - Snohomish County Reporter 2016-01-06 09-48-35

The fix was in and Crystal Hill Pennington knew it.

I did manage to get a few minutes to talk to Ms Block about Judge Jones ruling that came in today at 8:00 a.m. dismissing Ms Block’s 1st Amendment and RICO claim as frivolous and ordering sanction (see above to Crystal Hills Statement)

She was extremely upset until I mentioned that we had earlier published a story where Mrs Pennington stated that the fix was already in 9 months ago.

We know that Mrs Pennington is not psychic or she may have never gotten busted for writing bad checks

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So we know now without a doubt that Mr Jones had already discussed the outcome of this case and had agreed to an outcome with these parties over 9 months ago.

There you have it: We know without a doubt that Judge Jones is for sale to the highest bidder, you just have to figure out his price

You don’t have to respect him either, you can laugh at him just like the leaders of the city of Gold Bar, FEMA, and the County do in their private emails but you can own him.

I have been working on 4 big stories and this ties into 3 of them, thankfully Jones handed us all the proof we need.



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