How WA Courts are used to commit crimes

Our “JUSTICE SYSTEM” only functions as a “JUSTICE SYSTEM” if lawyers and judges abide by the laws that define their authority and abide by the codes that define their ethical obligations and conduct. The WA State Bar [WSBA] and the Commission on Judicial Conduct [CJC] are the ‘state agencies’ that are suppose to insure the integrity of our “justice system”. Both agencies are under the WA State Supreme Court. The problem is this …. all WA State judges, including judges on the WA State Supreme Court, MUST be members of the WSBA. In other words, WA’s entire judicial branch is run by Bar Associates — the FOX is guarding the HEN HOUSE.

This “take over” of WA State’s judicial branch, by Bar Associates, is the reason neither the WA State Bar nor the Commission on Judicial Conduct are doing their job in “regulating” lawyers and judges. Rather the opposite is the norm, the WSBA and CJC, have abandoned their obligations to society and are now a protection racket for the benefit of lawyers and judges. It is proof of the adage, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It is that simple!!!!

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