Inslee and the Department of Corrections Set to Destroy 3200 People's Lives

The best way to describe the DOC is the possible collective sperm and egg donors of the 3 Stooges.
If there is anything they can do wrong, they’ve already done it and are covering it up.
If there is anything they can blame on anybody else, they’ve already got the story.
So now they claim that a “computer glitch” caused the early release of over 3200 prisoners.
What are they going to do about that? Well of course they are attempting to round them all up and throw them back in prison.
Most felons who have tried over the past 13 yrs to get their lives together, who have struggled to find meaningful employment, housing and other ways to become productive members of society and they are going to crush them again.
Most of the people in question are NOT rapists murderers or violent criminals, most were arrested on drug charges…
Maybe the recidivism rate isn’t high enough in this state to keep the DOC officers employed?
I think they knew about this 13 years ago but only brought it to light to throw the focus on the illegal transfer of Gary Ridgeway out of state to Club Fed in Colorado without even their Governor’s knowledge or approval.

According to reports from King5
DOC has been ordered to stop all releases until each sentence can be hand-counted to determine if a prisoner has served the proper amount of time. The state estimates the median number of days offenders were released early is 49 days. A software fix is expected in place by January 7. Inslee says he has hired retired federal prosecutors Robert Westinghouse and Carl Blackstone to conduct an independent review to determine how the error was left uncorrected for 13 years.

49 days… Doesn’t seem like a very long time but it is enough time for these folks to lose their jobs, their homes and everything they have worked to achieve and just how much money is this fubar going to cost taxpayers?
The village called and said they wanted their idiots back but instead we elected them and gave them all cushy state jobs.
“Justice” … just another joke in this state
2 bit whore

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