I See Said the Blind Man… (Censorship in the media)

So here is what we know:

I already told our readers that Dugovich was going to try to strong arm Dave Somers and he is calling for a strike which I reported about 3 months ago but it is news over at the Herald today.

My sources told me that a great deal of Reardon/Lovick flunkies were “going to walk off the job the day Somers took over” and that Dugovich which along with other county workers (union stewards) staged an illegal protest against Dave Somers for not giving Dugovich his way were going to stage a strike to cripple Somers administration. With Council members Stephanie Wright and Brian Sullivan leading the charge

I just hope that Dave Somers doesn’t forget that Wright and Sullivan have access cards to what will be his new offices

Voters need to pay attention to this: No one gets attacked in this county unless they are going against the corruption (or if the Herald gets it in for you) those are the people we need to stand behind, those are the people we need to support.

Then we have another Reardon flunkie trying to weasel his way into the county council to take over Somer’s vacant seat. Hans Dunshee. Or even worse Karen Guzak who can probably still taste Aaron Reardon’s shoe leather. If anyone but Guy Palumbo gets that seat I will make it my mission to make sure that every single move, every email and every phone call whether on personal email, personal phone or IPads is public knowledge and trust me they can not survive that. (Don’t forget- they are also members of “the club”)

Judge Appel is still doing political favors for his buddies (just take a look at his campaign donors) against Ted Hikel and Don Gough. He denied their claim against the city of Lynnwood. Evidently they forgot about the little phrase in the law to “Provide the fullest assistance to the requester” or they just don’t care. My money is on the latter especially when you have a Judge in your pocket. Atleast we can all be grateful that Simmonds is gone.

The interesting thing is that once the Herald announced they were going to close comments in a story that told of their intent to do so (to which they left the comment section open) they started taking down comments on many of their stories, most of which where the commenters disputed what what written or gave additional true details about what was really going on behind the scenes.

It is a very dangerous, communistic thing when the media is the one who is censoring it’s citizens.

If you know their history you know that they already turn off comments for any stories they do about their biggest advertisers so the public cannot participate. Yet they openly declare that they are the ONLY daily newspaper in Snohomish County. Another case of their slanted “reporting” because I know of at least 7 other print newspapers that circulate in Snohomish County. Along with at least 6 other online news website along with mine.

One person seemed to think it was because they were getting sued about some of the comments made but my money is on a few whopper sized stories that will be nothing more then PR. most of it attached to an impending strike so that county workers and it’s citizens can not dispute the absolute stranglehold of power over the county that the union has enjoyed for decades.

I told you it was going to be a very interesting month as those who have enjoyed all of the perks of all the corruption are getting pulled of the taxpayer teat and given the boot.

The demons are screamin…


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