Follow up to the Sno-King Drug Cartel (Year in Review)

In our earlier stories I explained how animals were used to traffic drugs up here. I also explained how ineffective our so called busts up here are as well.

I had to make absolutely sure that my source arrived safely at their destination before I divulged any more info.

We have so many deaths up here, with most of them connected and no one doing anything about a single one of them.

There have been 2 out of state busts of major amounts of meth, not news but they originated from the same hot spots in King and Snohomish County

Another Drug Shipment That Didn’t Quite Make it to Utah

December 12th This is not the same guy who was put in prison for a murder in Mount Vernon, same name, but that kid is probably 21 yrs old now.


Teresa “Teri” (Millette) Baker busted with 24 lbs of Meth in Oregon

November 22nd: This woman claims to be a paraeducator even though she only (supposedly) went to ITT to learn how to be a medical transcriptionist. She has 2 verified previous drug charges for possession and drug activity. We are still trying to find out what school district would expose her to helpless children. She is named as Teri Baker but we did some digging to find her legal name.


Teri Baker12065496_10153830569229474_8276645184784902579_n

Teri Baker - LinkedIn 2015-12-20 01-57-56

Oh but don’t be too worried about her… she was busy posting pictures of Mount Hood a few days later

Teri “T” Baker - Google+ 2015-12-20 02-02-05

The common theme in these 2 busts are the secret compartments in their vehicles. Kind of a “chop shop” modification.

The interesting thing is that these busts are happening out of state.

I was told and I have experienced first hand that no one in this state is willing to step in or bust those under police and federal protection, but once they are out of state they are fair game. Could it be we have some rogue good guys who aren’t bought and paid for?

Most, if not all of the people involved won’t even speak out even if they get busted here anyway.

The message is very clear, say something and you or someone you love dies. If not then they’ll get set up as snipers or rapists and die in prison.

Snohomish County and most of it’s cities are nothing but a hot mess as it is and it has been this way for almost 45 years, maybe longer.

We have one of the highest number of “Brady Cops” in this state, or even in the northwest at just around 49 but there are far more that should’ve been added but due to Mark Roe providing protection for their criminal acts sadly most that should be on there aren’t and a few that are on there shouldn’t be.

The amount of pedophiles and rapists we have in power, elected or in higher positions would be enough to make McNeil Island green with envy.

The Washington State Bar Association who should be watching what these folks are doing are busy helping other attorneys steal from our most vulnerable citizens and if they dare speak out or even defend themselves the Supreme Court is more than happy to disbar them or throw them in prison for it. No surprise as a good deal of them are pedophiles, rapists, woman beaters, and thieves themselves: Birds of a Feather all Stick Together. The message is very clear, speak out or go against anyone in power and you will be destroyed, disbarred and prosecuted. Good honest attorneys are not welcome in this state when we have the likes of G. Geoffrey Gibbs, Linda Worthington O’Dell, running the WSBA

Some of these folks have been running their rackets together for over 45 years, their power is absolute. Instead of other newcomers speaking out and putting an end to it, these people’s protege’s are placed in power to ensure that their criminal activities can continue unchecked.

Even those who might not agree with what is going on are put in compromising positions courtesy of a very odd “swingers club” that caters to all sexual tastes, legal or not (which will be another story)

Anyway, if you have a kid, sibling, family member or friend involved in the manufacture or delivery of the meth and heroin moving around this county, the only way you are going to save them is to get them out of this state. Before you judge them or put them down maybe just ask if they and their family or friends have been threatened, they might not even tell you because a good deal of their friends are already dead and in some cases they have witnessed it. My source went through 8 different countries to get away from all of this.

Now he did tell me something that surprised me but answered a few questions for me. I was right in the fact that most of the meth is made in Snohomish County and then delivered by petty criminals or drug addicts stuck in that circle, out of this county.

They do import a lot of Heroin but it comes from other places. The “drug” they spend the most time smuggling up her is Ephedra, which is a main component of Meth to manufacture it, evidently it is perfectly legal in Mexico, and relatively easy to smuggle up here.

I was also right about these same people traveling up the I-5 corridor and buying up as many cold pills as they could but those are mostly the small time manufacturers. Usually the ones who you see getting busted.

The “sacrificial lambs” so to speak, you know… because there is a “war on drugs” and your sons, your daughters, your friends, are expendable, they have no worth to these people.

It’s great PR for the Feds, DEA, Marshal’s and other agencies to come in and make the evening news but it no more then a farce and a way to get any of your competition out of the way.

There are many more bodies up in the Highway 2 and even Highway 9 corridor then anyone realizes. More then I care to think about.

Again I need to stress to you, if you have someone involved in this you need to remove them from this state, forget contacting the U.S. Marshal’s, or the Feds, locally they have it tied up, not the whole organization but there are very strategically placed people in these agencies to make sure it gets nowhere fast.

Yes there are good cops but they have families and not even they have anyone to go to for help. There are quite a few who go to work everyday knowing that there is very little they can do but bless their hearts every day: They show up and they try.

No one is immune, some of these kids have very affluential parents who are terrified to speak out which is why these people have so much power.

I don’t understand how you could let someone take your child’s life and sit in a corner like a coward and do nothing but it is happening every day, none of these people’s families organize or make any noise.Which is why many more will die.

They simply do nothing and the kids stuck in it know this, they literally have nowhere to go and no one to help them… maybe it is just easier to stay high until you die.

I don’t care if this sounds harsh or not but for every person who doesn’t at least try to do something or even speak out, their blood is on your hands too.

I write about the missing people from here as much as I can, so that no one forgets they were here, that they mattered, and that their life meant something, if not to the local authorities and their families: then to me, and to the universe

Missing and Deceased Of Snohomish County

Missing & Deceased of Snohomish County

Missing Children Washington State

The killing fields of Highway 2

I have already sent the names and info to whomever I thought would listen and every activist I know in atleast 60 countries have the same info, my interviews, my documents, and all of my research.

If I name too many names I endanger the most vulnerable, they have already been named to the authorities, maybe one day I will find the right person and they will do something, I promise you I won’t stop trying.

Yet most of the familes of these people just sit in a corner, doing nothing.Worse yet there are families that have completely turned their backs on these kids who have basically ensured that these kids will be taken out to the woods, forced down onto their knees, shot in the back of the head, knowing in their final moments they have no one, no one that is supposed to care will even know they are gone or even care what their final moments on this earth felt like. For those of you that sit in judgement of these kids, or “that generation”, you better remember who raised them.

There are literally 1000’s of family members who could go sit at the County Courthouse everyday, picketing and demanding that the police do something but they don’t. I know that outside news agencies not our local PR media would pick up that story, they have already promised me they would.

They could combine forces and go to Washington DC and demand that outside agencies get involved, but they don’t.

They could prevent the deaths of many more, but they don’t.

We own this country, not these jack boot thugs but if we do nothing then we are nothing.

This has been going on for 45+ years, isn’t anyone sick of it yet?

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