The Missing, Lost, and Murdered of Snohomish County

The Rideout and Dubeau families suffered a double loss this week with the violent death of Daniel B. Dubeau on December 2nd, 2015 and the discovery of the skull of Sandy L. Rideout’s skull on November, 25th, 2015.

We are still trying to figure out the exact nature of the Rideout and Dubeau families relationship.

It is unknown why the Seattle Police Dept is the investigating agency when Ms Rideout’s last known physical address was in Ferndale.

She did at one time live in Seattle and up til March of 2008 it seems she was still paying bills, and receiving mail at a downtown Seattle address. More correctly someone was collecting unemployment benefits for her during that time

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2015-12-06 13-55-00

I have come across her missing posting on several occasions but it was such a sad one and very disrespectful so I never added her

The Charley Project- Sandy L. Rideout 2015-12-06 12-55-38

Those of us with family members or friends battling drinking and drug addiction know that their bodies are hardly “bloated” so I chalked it up to a bitter ex-husband who’s wife finally ran off. Unless he was talking about post mortem, now that we know she is dead the term “her body is bloated” is very macabre. Let’s just hope that she didn’t suffer.

Hoew long will it be before Highway 2 gives up the rest of it’s dead and missing? Only time will tell.


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