Sorry I had to step away for a while

Last week we welcomed my 15th grandchild, my youngest finally had a baby, so out of 7 kids we only have 2 who don’t have kids and that might be a good thing.

Anyway she made her grand entrance at 6:15a.m. on 05/06/15 and she weighed in at 6lbs 5ozs ~ all 5’s, 6’s and 15’s and she had a full head of thick hair. I got to cut her cord and hold her first. (Granny Brag!)

Her twin (my other son) has 5 kids of his own as well, 2 sets of twins and a 7month old so she’ll have lots of cousins close to her age along with my other sons youngest child out of his 3 kids.

I have so much to be grateful for, mostly for my kids, friends and family. I know that some of my investigations could get me killed, some others have died for less. I realize I am putting myself in harms way but every time I look at my kids, my grand kids, and those who have been hurt by the corruption that goes on in this county: I know what I have to do.

210f32913ee84ac2217541d27baf42feThese ingrates have went after my kids, within a week of each other they got my 2 youngest and charged them with felonies, kids who had not even ever had their names run, or had any trouble with the law.

I guess they though they were “getting back at me” the problem is all they did is make me even more determined to continue on my mission to get rid of all the corrupt players in this place. Vote them out, embarrass them out, or recall them out. Someone should’ve told them you don’t mess with my children and think you’re going to get away with it.

They have used the law to get where they are and to abuse their power. I intend to use those same laws to strip them of it. The answer is that simple: Most of the folks we are dealing with and fighting are lawyers, they are very adept at twisting the law to suit their own needs. Remember that everything Hitler did in Germany was “legal” at the time.

The whole premise is that everything (including the law) they have warped and made vile can be returned to the beauty it once was. We can’t count on the Feds to do anything, it’s obvious with just the deaths at the jail alone that they are going to do nothing at all.

We don’t have to be violent, or as demented as they are. Look at how much Gandhi and Martin Luther King accomplished without violence. We just have to be smarter then them, educate others and vote smarter. More importantly we can’t be violent, that has never worked in the entire human history.

The righteous must suffer it seems but in the end: The light will drive out the darkness.So I have been ignored, then ridiculed and now they are fighting me.

tumblr_madeupaacz1r20nwwo1_500I started out on this mission with a heart full of hatred for those who had wronged me and my animals, but then I realized I was literally turning into them. People were sending lewd photos, personal info on a lot of these people, amongst other things and I was ready to publish every single bit of it. Once I file a few lawsuits some of it will have to come out but it will be sent to the spouses before hand so they are not blind sided with it. I could’ve sent all of it long long ago and just sat back and watched marriages,careers, and lives implode but all it will do is hurt spouses and children who are innocent. I could’ve used it for my own benefit but I want to win fair and square, I want to win based on merit and the law.

I do know there are many good people in our county govt that are powerless to help even themselves but they are sick and tired of all of the garbage going on. I hope one day they get the courage to come forward but it is easier said then done.