Kim Davis the Un-Hero….

Religion is the biggest bane on society that there ever has been in all of history.

This country was built on the foundation of religious freedom which also includes the right to be free from religion or religious persecution.

This Kim Davis is free to believe whatever she wants but she is not free in her capacity as a city or county or state employee to cram her religious beliefs down the throat of others or refuse to do her job because she has some back-dated middle ages belief in what is moral.

It’s simple really: If she doesn’t believe in same sex marriage or the ability for 2 consenting adults to live their lives in peace then she needs to find another job.

I don’t believe in abortions so guess what? I don’t work at Planned Parenthood or any of their subsidiaries down to not cleaning their facilities.

I don’t believe in religion but I believe in a higher power, G*d if you will but I don’t freak out when a person comes up to me and say that Jesus loves me or tells me the only way to Heaven is through Jesus… I’m Jewish by blood down through my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s line all the way back to the original Jewish women, and I am Native American by blood and what amounts to a way of life type of “religion”

Throughout all of history there have been same sex unions in and among Native Tribes (YES! There have been gay people longer then there has been religious nuts screaming about it!) It wasn’t a big to do… Running Elk liked He Who Hunts all we cared and still care about is what value they could add to the tribe. As a matter of fact in my experience they are usually the best people in the tribes and boy are they fun to hang out with.

So no this Kim Davis is NO hero, she is the perfect example of what is wrong with this country and of the bigots who are still trying to force their beliefs down the throats of others by using G*d to push their hateful agendas.


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