Luminess Air ~ Infomercials Gone Wild

If you’re anything like me (and I hope you’re not) If you can’t find your remote control you will just let infomercials running amok on your TV.

One that plays ad-nauseam is for Luminess Air… in the classic “but that’s not all” style they promise a crap ton of other products and perks. They offer a payment plan with a 19.99 beginning price to try it out. So I went to ebay to see how much one of these things go for. because no where on their site can you find out what the mystery payments will be… Finally my boredom and curiosity got the best of me and I entered in a credit card to see what it was since that is the ONLY way you can get at this info and here is what I got

--LUMINESS AIR-- 2015-05-31 01-39-37

So it is roughly 325.00 plus the other fees they charge and whatever your card charges.

For those of you who actually wear makeup I’d save yourself about 250.00 and go to ebay or amazon and get yourself one of them airbrush systems, most of them from what I can see even have free shipping.

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