In The News Across The State

As my readers may have noticed I have been AWOL. I wish I could say I’ve been taking a much needed vacation but that’s nothing but a fantasy years away from now.

I have been zigzagging across the state in a mad dash to pick up documents, computers, get stories, throw away phones and tablets galore.

So here are some of the stories I am working on


We’ve got a convicted sex offender who was court ordered to stay out of his dad’s house, off computers, and smart phones. The father’s roommates found out about this after the kid was coming over every day on the computer and using a couple of smart phones and an IPad tablet. The father tried to stab the roommate after they reported the kid, and he went to jail, rather back to jail. Charles Lechlider is the sex offender and Ronald “Dean” Lechlider is the father, both of whom are Eagle Scout Leaders.

I’ve been sending this poor guy everywhere and everyone has refused to take the tablet, phones, and computers the kid was using everyday so after he tried 3 police stations, 7 different cops, the parole officer, the Dept of Corrections, the FBI, and every other media outlet, we finally gave up and I have taken the items to a forensic specialist so he can make a mirror image of the items and extract the data so we don’t end up with any pictures.

(Yes, I do direct people to other media outlets who have more coverage and readers for stories that are so important that they need to be heard by as many people as possible, there’s NO ego in my pursuit of the truth and justice especially when a child is at risk)

He could’ve been charged with additional charges if they had done their job and taken the tablets, phones and computers but the Detective in charge Blodgett decided that the roommate was too rude to him by calling him before 7 am so he has flat out refused to do his job.

Keep in mind that this is a sexual deviant who is into domination and sadism… he was also one of the sex offenders who was ID’d Booked & Released

Book Number CIN Book Date Sex
2016-00001588 2060713 01/28/2016 08:58 M
Charge Description Disposition
Warrant/Citation/Court Case Num Bail Amount Type Court
161000813 NULL
Charging Agency Charge Date Arrest Type
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office 01/28/2016 08:58 ID Book & Release



A young woman who was being battered fled the state after she gave birth to a child realizing that her child would most likely suffer the same fate, the abuser went into court and got a court order to gain custody of the child after his attempts at blackmailing the family didn’t work. He is a known violent offender who lives and runs one of the seediest motels in the Spokane area



I’ve already written a story about the Judge Moreno and Witherspoon Kelley’s attorney Kim Kamel stealing children from people with no cause, I got a chance to meet one of the parents out of the 6 sets of parents they are doing this to and was able to get quite a few documents in regards to that case. I couldn’t get a lot of them because every time Kim Kamel files something that lowlife Moreno seals it for her so no one can see what they are really doing.

At the time of the first writing I thought possibly Kim Kamel was acting on her own but in looking at the documents it seems half the firm is showing up on her behalf since she can’t seem to make it to court atleast 1/3 of the time, so yes: they are participating in this debacle as well sadly enough.



This is just getting stranger and stranger, not only do they have a school board member convicted of lewd conduct but the entire board knew about it and still supports him. That isn’t even the strangest thing, it seems that they have targeted 6 specific families and are terrorizing them.

One they have charged with a crime for yelling in a PUBLIC school office, and have charged her under the Becca law since she won’t send her child back to the school to get the crap beat out of him, they keep lying to me and telling me that they aren’t preventing her from leaving the school yet they won’t sign the papers she needs to transfer her kids to another school. So now that they figured out she is talking to me they have gone as far as calling CPS, and threatening her, and now her landlord is kicking her off of the property she was renting. Since she has lost her job because of this, and because of Brady Cop Snohomish County Sheriff Malkow (who thinks it is absolutely appropriate to sit outside of her place in his truck off duty while he is drunk) she has no money to move.

The other families are still gathering documents for me so I can tell their stories too. The sad part about this is that all of these kids are Title kids, meaning they get extra money for these kids, if they lose them, they could very well go under. While we know of atleast 6 school employees who won’t even send their own kids to the Darrington School District, including 3 who are harassing these parents so badly.

That is not the strangest part though it seems that the story of the young lady who “collapsed” at the former superintendent’s home… someone sent me an old report and it is not what was reported in any news, that didn’t happen, atleast not the way they said, but they are still paying that old superintendent while they are so broke they are considering firing their current superintendent.



Now this one I have to keep close to the vest and it may take a while for this story to come out and if I do it right it won’t be me that breaks the story. Seems that Ms Lin O’Dell and Mark Plivelich thought one of their dead associates who was murdered couldn’t tell anymore of their dirty little secrets, well it seems he gave 3 other people the information and after a certain amount of time they were each supposed to give their pieces to a news outlet if anything happened to him. For some reason they each chose me.(((?)))

Before I put it in print it is going to the SEC, IRS, FBI, and a couple other 3 or 4 letter agencies. Once I get their permission I will write a story on it. This couple has been abusing the weak, and elderly for so long that it’s high time that they get some of what they’ve given to so many others. We know that the WSBA is not going to do anything about her theft from clients no matter what trouble she gets into



Well it seems since the voters were stupid enough to put the same corrupt people back in office I can now come forward with stories about them now. There’s about 7 of them I’m working on right now. To be completely honest after this last election I contemplated not even writing this newspaper anymore, it seems no one pays attention to who they are voting for and nothing will change until we get rid of atleast 98% of these corrupt pieces of crap.


A certain children’s non-profit has been systematically embezzled from yet Mark Roe’s office has yet to file charges on this man, so I’m still waiting to get records from that.



It seems that Animal Control Officer Vasconi is able to do some sort of out of body travel, he claims he can tell nothing is wrong by sitting in his office on the phone and just deciding it’s so. Dogs in all hours of the day and night, sometimes those same folks leave with a large black garbage bag and no dog, 3 to 4 times a week, rape stands, and the woman bragging about it but evidently that doesn’t mean anything…


At any rate I haven’t abandoned you all, I’m working on these and about 12 other stories.