Why You Or Your Children Are More Likely To Be Raped In SnoCo

I’ve reported previously that under John Lovick’s and Mark Roe’s leadership that they came up with the “ID, Book and Release” for sex offenders.

Everett ID Book & Releases Another Person Charged with Child Rape

Child Molester’s and Rapists Only Have to “Check In” at the Jail

Brian Maier Booked for Rape of a Child and Then Released

Snohomish County not booking some drug addicts into jail

Edmonds Now Let’s Predators Go Free Too

Bi-Polar Washington State Dept of Corrections Laws

The reason for this is simple, Snohomish County Jail has a contract with several other cities to make extra money to take their non-violent offenders who’ve been convicted of heinous crimes such as driving on a suspended license, or driving with no insurance.

If they book a sex offender that person has to have their own cell, that same cell can hold up to 4 contract convicts.

There don’t you feel better for voting for Roe, Lovick and now Trenary?

Maybe you should or could ask the many rape victims how they feel about this arrangement, especially the children.

The problem runs even deeper then that though. Many many rapes are actually reported that don’t even make it out of the investigation stage. More so in North and East Snohomish County.

I mean how good does it look for a Sultan School Employee to be raping women in his community? The victims have been threatened by the prosecutors office just to add insult to injury. Why? Well they are not allowed to tell the Principal of the school district unless he is charged with the crime, but they aren’t going to charge him.

Mark Roe has decided not to run again, and his wife, Lisa Paul has already jumped ship, after her short tenure as the lead prosecutor in drug prosecution. It should be noted she only handled a few cases and those outcomes were very favorable to the drug dealers… It should make you wonder what she (or they) got out of the deal.

Now even if you are brave enough to go through the shame and humiliation of the rape exam, the questioning and the possible prosecution of a sexual assault, you have to get past the sheriff, and if you manage to do that, then you have to get through the prosecutors office which has proven to be an almost impossible feat by most victims.

In one case of rape the rapist was actually given a restraining order against the victim so they wouldn’t have to prosecute him for the crime. The Monroe High School football team had games to win, kind of hard to do when the star player is in jail for rape I guess.

That mother fought for her daughter and got charged with a false crime courtesy of Brady Cop David Fontenot.

Many of the parents of children who are sexually or physically assaulted who push the issue seem to be charged with crimes just to keep them off center so they can’t fight these agencies or school districts.

If you are a citizen who becomes aware of a child sexual predator, and if you dare bring it to the attention of their probation officer or the police prepare to have your life turned upside down and suspicions to be cast on you.

Nevermind that the predator is an Eagle Scout leader, along with his father who is providing computers, tablets and IPads for him to use to access child porn, nevermind if you managed to get these items after the father tried to stab you. They don’t want to see it, or investigate any further.

I hate doing these stories and I hate even more that I can’t provide the documentation I have because of the victims age or status. Lives are forever ruined and the prosecutor and sheriff are doing nothing to protect any of us.

In the meantime I have 4 bags containing computers, phones, tablets, and hard drives, wrapped up in full rolls of duct tape with evidence of multiple crimes because the police will do nothing

They don’t investigate sexual assaults, or property crimes most of the time and even if they do, the prosecutor’s office only takes the cases they can win, or the cases they need to win to shut someone down who has stood up to them.

After this last election I seriously considered shutting down this paper and just wiping my hands of all of this, but the people who need me to do this the most can’t fight back most times.

All of you who keep voting for the wrong candidate, or the same ones that I have warned you about, this is your fault. We are living like prey because you can’t make good decisions.