Now It’s All the Hacker’s Fault and Ashley Madison’s?

9/7/2015 Editors Note:
I realize that the client list is a big deal, I could probably make a ton of money distributing it, others are doing that right now. I can not come up with one ethical reason to post the names for the world to see. What I will do is post it onto something like google docs and make it available to those who may have been betrayed on a case by case basis.

So they are saying we’ve had 2 suicides because of the Ashley Madison leak and there are faces on TV daily lamenting about the “crime” that was committed by hackers.

They even go as far as to say that you are going to get viruses and all others sorts of stuff if you download the files… I have both of the client files, but the Noel Emails file does have a trojan on it but they are working on it to clean it up. You also have to have enough sense to know how to access the dark web to get the files. Be very careful about anything you download from the dark web and make absolutely sure it’s a trusted source. It is not a place I’d recommend anyone going that doesn’t have a definitive reason to be there. You do have to be very careful downloading from some sites but the original two files are 100% safe.

The saddest part of this is twofold, one is that the cheaters are blaming anyone but themselves, and two all of the spouses who have been betrayed.

The search engines that are being listed by most of the media to search for your spouses emails are nothing more then scam artists themselves who are keeping track of all emails entered to either blackmail the people’s who’s emails are in the files, or the ones that have been entered and the list is being maintained so that they can spam these emails for other scuzzy “dating sites” My husband is ready to scream because I was showing someone how to access those sites with the search engines before I found out they were scams and now his junk mail folder is exploding at the seams… oops. In my defense he is the one who said we could use his email.

What really amazes me in going through the files is how many people did not even try to hide their true identities and used work emails.

I think everyone is missing the bigger picture here: If you are a cheater and you get caught it is no one else’s fault but your own for doing it in the first place, period.

On that note I am still on the fence as to whether I am going to post all of the info or not. Yes it would “out” all the cheaters but it would humiliate their victims and possibly their children.

I may just put all the govt, city county and state emails along with the big corporations but I haven’t decided yet if it would serve any purpose.

Please note: I will not take any money to not post specific names, I won’t be intimidated into not posting names, and if I place them here they will stay here. Any emails or phone calls I get of that nature will be posted here for the world to see.