Trump Got What He Wanted

Seems the crazy “Trumpeteers” have made the Donald quite happy.

Bostontonians are beating Senior Mexicans and telling police they’re doing it because of how much they agree with Trump. Brothers Scott and Steve Leader supported their hero by urinating on a man and beating him with a metal pipe, he must be so proud.

Trump denounces violence after supporters beat Mexican man - NY Daily News 2015-08-25 06-48-02

He has other worshippers including Craig Cobb who is trying to buy up small towns to make them White Supremacist utopias and name them after Trump

Where is the FBI? DOJ? NAACP? ACLU? Who knows, this is a hate crime yet it is not under Federal Investigation?


Could it be he is upset that there are fewer Mexicans in Mexico to make his fancy clothing line?



He wasn’t happy stealing from them in the US so his new plan is to keep them in Mexico so they can’t sue him here….



This is the Republican candidate? This is what the Republicans believe and embody? This is the man who has filed bankruptcy 3 or 4 times and some Americans think it’d be a good idea to let him have control over an entire nation’s finances?

Almost makes a good argument for abortion…

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