Loss of Life in the Washington Wildfires

The Colville, and Spokane Reservations along Stevens and Pend Oreille Counties are basically being left to fend for themselves, my house is already gone so I have been feeling very sorry for myself… Until I heard the news that there has been a loss of 3 lives, with 4 others hanging in the balance.

The only good news is that someone got my solar panels, generator, and all of my appliances before they burned so a single dad with a gaggle of little girls will have a decent winter and a lot less worries.

If you’re wondering why I am not upset about that it’s because I put out the word that if the fire gets too close to my place that someone goes up there and takes what they can use, if my house wouldn’t have burnt they would’ve given it back, that’s the way it works over there.Of course I am sad but there’s nothing I can do about it.

I got my place for free and the solar panels were free from someone who was living in a mobile while working on their own home, and all the appliances came from someone who was gutting their old mobile to make a fancy new chicken coop, that is the way things work out there. The generator I bought but I’d rather someone be using it then it burning up and going to waste. People share, and they recycle like no one else.

My “house” is a mobile home, a lot of homes are also mobiles because over there everyone has a friend, or knows someone who has a friend who can move a mobile, I have seen them rolling down our tiny country highway being pulled along by a little pick up with ropes.I was pretty sure mine was going to end up in pieces along Highway 395 on both trips. I picked a very bad time to move it up North though… but the fires are bearing down on where it was so it was going to happen either way.

So what’s the Governor and Federal Govt doing besides sitting around with their thumbs up their… ?

We don’t know and from all the reports I’m getting it is only getting worse. Livestock, domestic, and wild animals are running down the street together to escape the flames, many many people are missing and unaccounted for and no one is looking for them, no one probably will. Since so many people live off the grid there is a good chance that people won’t even know they are there to even look for them. There are a lot of fires that are not even on the fire maps, a lot.

At least Jesse and Fred Meyers is up to the challenge…

All of the news stations, and supermarkets are gathering funds but I gotta tell you, if you have anything in your home or even a mobile you have to get rid of the folks over there can use that even more then money. There’s not many hotels over there and having a place to go is the most important thing they need right now. They can also use fosters for their livestock and domestic pets as well.