Preston Ellis Gates ~ Abramoff ~ Jenny Durkan & Washington State Leaders

Okay curiosity got the better of me… I couldn’t leave this tangled web alone. The more I learn the less I understand about how or why the same people are in power that have been nothing but dishonest & corrupt.
Many of you may remember the Abramoff scandal, it was a doozie, & Mr Abramoff was said to have ties to Lawrence (Larry) King from the Franklin Sex Scandal. I do see about 30 connections between their associates. Mr King & Mr Abramoff are out in the world free men now.
For some reason thought Abramoff was still in prison but it turns out he is alive & well & playing the “Imma changed man” routine even down to giving lectures about corruption! AYFKM???
So how does he tie into our local leaders?
Investigation: Rep. George Nethercutt
Disposition: Received contributions from Abramoff

Investigation: Rep. Doc Hastings
Disposition: Received contributions from Abramoff
Oh & remember I told you Patty Murray was taking money from corrupt lobbying groups, well it seems that Maria Cantwell was also.
Ms Cantwell is supposed to be the head of the Native Affairs for our region yet she takes money from someone who is screwing the tribes & didn’t even try to hide it

Cantwell Returning Money Connected To Abramoff

Sen. Maria Cantwell responded to the growing scandal involving lobbyist Jack Abramoff by announcing Friday that she will donate nearly $18,000 in campaign contributions to a Native American charity. Cantwell, a Democrat who is seeking re-election this year, had said Wednesday that she would not return contributions from out-of-state Indian tribes represented by Abramoff, who pleaded guilty this week to fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion in a wide-ranging political corruption investigation. But on Friday, Cantwell’s campaign said she had decided to give money to the National Congress of American Indians Education Fund to clear up any confusion caused by media reports about donations related to Abramoff. Cantwell “has never taken a penny from confessed criminal Jack Abramoff,” her campaign said in a statement, but after reflection decided it was appropriate make the charitable contribution. Cantwell wanted “to err the side of caution, so there would not even be a whiff of a connection between his illegal, confessed activities and our campaign,” spokesman Michael Meehan said Friday. The amount being returned, $17,865, includes any funds from organizations or individuals that have ever been connected to Abramoff based on media reports, Meehan said. Fellow Democratic Sen. Patty Murray said this week she is keeping nearly $41,000 in tribal donations related to Abramoff. Murray could not immediately be reached for comment Friday. Other Washington members of Congress and former lawmakers also are keeping the money, except for former Rep. George Nethercutt, R-Wash., who said Thursday he has donated to charity $1,000 he received directly from Abramoff and his wife. Nethercutt is keeping $6,000 in campaign contributions from Indian tribes represented by Abramoff.

I hope to God that you are paying attention: Murray, Nethercutt, & Cantwell got x amount of dollars from Abramoff through him, different out of state tribes & his lobbying groups, so these 3 ingrates got together & donated a FRACTION of what they got from him & kept the rest of the money & acted like that was just fine. The Washington state voters fell for it hook line & sinker…
Now if you remember I did a story about a kid who came up missing here who’s mother was represented by Abramoff, against Preston Ellis & Gates which is very strange since he worked for PE & G. That is all the connection I need in my mind to the Franklin Sex Scandal. Along with the statement from another attorney that he stole her kid. Which has NEVER been refuted.Also statements from the kids who were abused & are still living & hiding in fear like animals when these monsters are the real animals
So me & my hot head actually messaged Mr Abromoff on his fancy new repented site. It wasn’t a very professional letter & not surprisingly he has not responded, although I didn’t expect him to…

I am doing a story on you & your associates. I see that you are bouncing back quite well. I learned about you through my own trials with corruption in Washington State some of which you helped facilitate with people I am having to deal with. I am wondering why you were the fall guy for Preston Ellis & Gates, you obviously used their money & were their employee for a time at least. I am dealing with the trash in the city of Everett & Snohomish County powered by Preston Ellis Gates or KL Gates.  I do not doubt that you were involved with Lawrence King, as a matter of fact I have former victims that have verified it. Funny thing is that the kids who survived the DC freak show with 1/2 a brain cell are hiding out on the very reservations that you screwed over. Was that intentional?  I don’t understand how you can say you are “reformed” when you have been involved in something like that. How can you live with yourself? I don’t understand. I am Jewish by blood down my mother’s line, I am also Native American with ties to almost 14 tribes in the Americas, all documented. What you did to them is beyond evil. Keeping quiet to keep your “power” makes you just as guilty as the perpetrators. I have to warn you though, the sins of the father are visited upon his children, I know this from my own experience, I hope you over protect your children & that every time you see them you think of all the mothers & fathers who will never see their children again. We all will meet our maker someday & no power you can amass on earth can protect you from God’s eyes. I am in the process of connecting you to all the folks that have been turning this state into their own personal sodom, so my question to you is: Why? Why did you align yourself with people like this? Why did you help them attain this power & the ability to hurt & destroy others lives? I now understand how the WSBA is tied up by your old bosses along with most of the Judiciary, & a good deal of the Government Officials. If you’re such a champion of fighting corruption now why are you still protecting these folks up here? Someday if you hear a whisper in your ear, someday maybe you can come clean, you can tell the truth. The whole truth, not just the convenient ones. Brandia

Which brings me back to the question: Why wasn’t P E & G held accountable? Abramoff was working for them, under their direction til he got mad & ran away to another DC lobbying firm. Instead they dissolved Preston Ellis & Gates to become KL Gates bigger & better then ever before & sailed on smooth as you please.
Why weren’t all of the Senators listed above investigated & why didn’t anyone make them return the money? Because money is POWER, power leads to corruption. The media, & the press tried like hell to let the people know what was going on but no one was listening. I hear so much about how media doesn’t report on this that or the other & it may just be fatigue, they warn us daily & yet we keep voting for the same morons over & over again. I don’t doubt that there is many cases of censure going on but it kind of seems like they’re damned if they do, or damned if they don’t.
Now the news just came on & I just realized why…

U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan stepping down

…For the present, Durkan said she has no plans. First Assistant U.S. Attorney Annette Hayes will likely take over the office while U.S. Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell seek a replacement candidate to submit to Obama for Senate confirmation.

So Senator Cantwell & Senator Murray PICK the person who is supposed to be investigating them???
What they failed to mention (& that which creates yet another connection) is that our former Governor: is the one who actually hand picked Ms Durkan & made the recommendation to those two ingrates. If you remember Ms Gregoire failed to file some paperwork which cost the state almost 23 million dollars & blames someone else. Jenny Durkan, Commissioner Gibbs, &  Judge Robert Leach were all on the WSBA board of Governors at the same time as this circus & magically the complaint against Gregoire goes away & she becomes Governor. All very fairy tail crap.

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