Ed Orcutt… The strangeness continues

Okay to refresh everyone’s memory: Little 5 yr old girl was abducted while playing with a friend then thrown from the car down an embankment. She crawled back up the hill & waved down a car in 1992 in SW Washington, it took a couple of days before they realized she had also been raped so they did a rape kit which “mysteriously” disappeared from the police station.

There were 2 prime suspects, & the composite sketch looked a lot like either John Pennington our Snohomish County Emergency Operations Manager, former FEMA director for region 10 & former state representative, it also looked like another state representative, Mr Orcutt.

Okay so you have to ask yourself how did those two become the prime suspects… I asked & found that Mr Pennington & Mr Orcutt were calling in & having others call in to blame someone named “Walter” there is no proof that Walter even exists but anytime people start calling in & trying to throw the focus off of themselves they become the prime suspects.

That is not enough to actually make you a prime suspect though but it puts you in the line up so to speak. Now at this time both Orcutt & Pennington were mates in the Washington State Representative pool.

I have had more then 3 people tell me that Mr Pennington claims he has spooks who will “take care of people” & that he has a deep dark secret about Rep Orcutt.

There are several problems with that:

1} I have found many instances where Pennington has been nothing but dishonest
2} We know that he is a woman beater & abusers will say many things to keep “control” over their victims
3} Orcutt isn’t really very important in the political arena so having dirt on him would really be of no use to anyone except local politicians.

I need to point out that at this time Mr Pennington was running a coffee delivery business with his then victim wife. The little girl said that there was coffee in the car, & that the car smelled like coffee & she described his vehicle but according to some of their friends Orcutt & Pennington shared it on occassion. A coffee business that was started by ripping off his former employer no less, according to the employer. (Although I have not been able to find a police report on that)

So before I did a story about this I figured I should give Mr Orcutt the chance to speak in his own defense or to at least add his 2 cents

The following is the email thread that followed

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What the hell kind of response was that? I all but accused him of being a child rapist given the evidence & statements made by Mr Pennington & his only response is to defend Mr Pennington??? Not to mention that I never said why I was doing stories on any of the other people… so why did he say they weren’t guilty of any wrong doing? Maybe Mr Pennington is actually telling the truth about something?

I did however figure out who is spoon feeding this North Sound Crier the BS after going through numerous emails because I KNEW I had read that statement several times “lawsuits are in the works” I thought it was on the Sky Valley Chronicle & it was but it was somewhere else, it is a FAVORITE phrase of Crystal Hill Pennington. Not to mention that this NSC seems to tweet an inordinate amount about a local citizen & they seem to hate John Lovick with equal passion. I can not wait til this whole situation with the citizen, Pennington/Hill & Gold Bar busts wide open. Then I can tell everyone everything I know.

Back to Ed Orcutt: I don’t even know what to make of his response take it however you want.

I know what my opinion is but I can only state facts or what I KNOW to be true & quite frankly I am nothing but confused.

I write a lot of people before I write about them to ask for their side of the story & in some cases those folks have done one of several things, they either deny or admit it, & some have asked me not to do stories which if their explanation is honest enough or if it will do nothing but hurt an innocent spouse or children then I usually don’t do the story, trust me I have over 200 stories in draft that I haven’t published because of that very reason.

Most of those stories have dealt with infidelity & most times it was a one time incident & the other spouse is not even aware of it so there is no point in me trying to destroy a family, it serves no purpose & the people involved know that I won’t use the info to hurt or influence anyone.

We are all human we all make mistakes, it doesn’t mean we have to pay for them for the rest of our lives & in many of these cases it is not our (the public’s) issue to deal with anyway.

On the other hand when it deals with abuse of another human being, or abuse of our money, criminal behavior, or misrepresentation of our best interests, then it is ALL of our business.

In this country we are all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty but we know that in the court of public opinion that is never the case. Take my kids for example, people use the facts that my kids were taken from me for a short while against me, but… once they hear that only 2 of my kids were taken for a short while (the ones who were part of a divorce/custody battle) & that they didn’t take my 5 other kids, or the 5 siblings I was raising at the time OR the foster child that was in my home then they go Ohhhhh & see there was more to the story that wasn’t told. So that is why when I do a story I gather as much evidence as I can so that I am not doing the same thing to other people because I KNOW how it feels.

I also know how it feels to be a child & a wife of domestic abuse, the feeling of helplessness, the fear, the desperation. It is a horrible way to live & it happens every day to many many women & children, even to some men, no one is immune. It is worse when you are the wife or child of someone in power.

The punk who broke into my house while I was sleeping took a 30lb marble statue & broke my nose, cracked my jaw in 7 places, fractured my skull in over 100 places, knocked out most of my teeth, broke 8 of my ribs, both of my wrists & blinded me in one eye on June, 16th, 2000: His brother is the top cop in King County, sadly my daughter walked in on it & drug my dead body out of the house by herself at 10 yrs old, even though I was pronounced dead at the scene, some kid who had grown up in a DV house threw my face back on my skull & started CPR on me anyway so thanks to him: I am still here. He got 60 days, I got years of hiding in fear, over 30 surgeries, brain damage to the point that I have lost about 1/2 of my memory of my childhood (which is not really a bad thing for the most part) & up til 3 years ago he still stalked me but I guess he can’t walk that well anymore & he has found a new victim to focus on & I pray for her every night. He violated the restraining order over 135 times, & he got 60 days for that but nothing else. You know your in bad shape when you wake up in a hospital room with a cop sitting next to your bed crying. Not to mention that my daughter has had to have years of counseling. This was the first time he had ever hit me but he sure made it count. What started it is he did try to hit me & I pounded the shit out of him, it took 3 of my grown sons to pull me off of him, so I broke up with him & so he figured he couldn’t take me head on so he waited til I was asleep & used a weapon but that’s the way abusers are, even if you can “take them” they will do whatever they feel necessary to maintain control over you & the situation. Then just to add to the misery the punk’s brother wrote a book about us & a few others… I haven’t seen it yet but I guess a few others are suing him for it.

My point is that if you are a wife or child of someone in a position of power who is being abused, tell someone, tell everyone. Someone is going to listen eventually, what is the worst thing that can happen? They could hit you or kill you? They are going to do that anyway, probably hurt you even more.

Look at Senator’s Hatfield’s stepson he finally got someone to listen, he told his mother, she did nothing, he went to school & told someone & THEY did something, the prosecutors are protecting the Senator but that boy is never going to be raped by that sick little bastard ever again. People need to understand that boys get raped far more then little girls now because little girls have support groups boys don’t & no one wants to face that sick little fact & it is not usually the guy in the bushes or the stranger abductor it is usually a coach, priest, scout leader, teacher, or family member who is abusing the child.

Pennington had wives & a girlfriends he terrorized & beat but they got away, unfortunately for the kids involved he found a woman just like him now but those kids have the power to tell someone someday, even though Mark Roe refuses to prosecute Crystal Hill for beating a child there will come a day when he will no longer be in power & then someone is going to step up & step in.

All of these sick pieces of shit stick together, but always remember no one is infallible even the mighty fall. So for the women that have written me, & the ones who are afraid to: YES it is scary to leave, NO he is not going to change, YES you will lose your source of income & have to live like a bum for a while, YES they become more dangerous when they think they are losing control, YES your kids will be losing their father but imagine if they grow up to be JUST LIKE HIM or find a man JUST LIKE HIM, even worse yet IF you don’t leave, you may end up dead, & he will be in control of your children without you or anyone to protect or defend them.

I PROMISE you that one day you will wake up & make a pot of coffee (they way you like) & then make breakfast (what YOU want to eat) & then get dressed (in clothes you actually want to wear) & then put on make up (without being called a whore) & it will dawn on you, it will finally hit home that you are free, & that is SCARY AS HELL but once you get through the fear it is exciting as hell! The world is yours, you own it, & someday if you are very careful then you may find a man like I have who doesn’t hurt, who doesn’t hit, who doesn’t abuse. Or maybe you won’t & you will just enjoy being by yourself & all of the possibilities that that can bring to you. because you know what they say… A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

I don’t know what to make of Ed Orcutt’s response, like I said I will leave that up to my readers but I just hate to think of anyone being abused, it just kills me to think of her being violated & then thrown out of the car like a piece of trash, to think about how much she was hurting, & about how scared she must’ve been. I wonder every day how she is doing, what kind of a life she is having, I pray for her too…

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