Mark Roe's Recall Petition to be heard today

Mark Roe’s recall petition is to be heard today….
It seems to leave more questions then answers. There was a story in the Herald about it but if you read Gaylord’s Declaration it leaves us all even more confused.
1) Why is a county employee representing another county employee for a recall as his attorney of record?
2) Isn’t Mr Roe supposed to pay for his own trouble concerning his election & public office?
3) Why do the taxpayers have to CONTINUE to pay for their follies? 4) Why is one “Elected Official” investigating another & making legal decisions for our county?
5) What is Lyndsey Downes relation to the presiding Judge Downes?
6) Why wouldn’t or shouldn’t Kevin Hulten be paying for his own defense? Or did they just admit that he was harassing all of these people on behalf of Snohomish County in his official capacity as a county employee?
So let’s see what the elected officials, county employees, & the Washington State Attorney General can come up with this time to shoot Ms Block’s recall petition down this time. We’ll know at 1:30.

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