Raymond Earl Devore Illustrating the Failures of Our Court System

We have written about this man several times before. He seems to be the classic example of the incompetence of the courts in Snohomish County and the Dept of Corrections Sex Offender supervision.

Here is his bio for the first of his arrests

According to official documents, Devore pled guilty to the crime of Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes on November 7, 2003 and to the crimes of Possession of Depictions of a Minor Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct, Counts 1 &2 and One Count of Dealing in Depictions of a Minor Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct. He was given a term of 1 year and 1 day in prison. The victim in this crime was 13 years of age and she met Devore on the Internet. Devore was invited to the victim’s home and the two of them had sexual contact. During the investigation, a search warrant was served and numerous type of computer equipment were seized that contained sexual images of children under 18 engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Devore was originally convicted on June 6, 2000 for his crime, but was released on May of 2002 when his conviction was over turned. Charges were again filed and Devore pled guilty this time on August 7, 2003. Devore is no longer under supervision and his only requirement is to register

Quite a statement for Snohomish County, the abuse of an innocent child is only worth 366 days…

Oh but he’s not the only one there is also Joshua Larson who was released without bail by the “Honorable” Judge Tam Bui leaving him free to allegedly molest 2 more little girls

So while Mr Devore was running around under the radar he managed to try to impregnate a young girl from Oregon to create his own victims and was trying to get a hold of 11 others. He openly discussed the future sexual abuse of his children he would have with these girls.

According to reports by the Seattle PI

Investigators searching Devore’s electronics found a cache of violent child pornography, including a video showing the rape of a crying toddler and another showing the sexual torture of an infant, the agent said. “Approximately 25 of these videos depict the sexual abuse of infants and small children through torture” and other means, the Secret Service agent told the court. “Many of these videos show the child victims crying as they are raped and one video depicts an infant being burned with an open flame.” Read more…

The only good news is that the Feds have taken over the charging and prosecution of this guy so hopefully he’ll get more then a year and a day and they can figure out where and from whom he got all of this child porn from.

I know it would be easy to blame the cops but they have 1 officer responsible for looking after all of the sex offenders, he is over worked, underpaid and he works tirelessly to track these guys down or keep an eye on them as do most of the other cops, so don’t blame them.

This is a problems between the Dept of Corrections, Prosecutors and the Judges and we can’t expect the Feds to come in and clean up our messes forever. They give the courts, prisons prosecutor’s office and task forces plenty of money but it is not used for the intended purposes most times.

We can’t confirm if he has gone to trial yet, and we have no clear answers why his first offense was not immediately given to the Feds where he would’ve gotten a meaningful sentence.

His first offense would’ve risen to a Federal Offense yet he was allowed a slap on the hand and the chance to further victimize more children.

We’ll update you as soon as we know anything

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