Mark Ericks Abuse of Power… Yet Another Temper Tantrum

We have done a multitude of stories about the Reardon/Lovick Administration they never stop producing fodder for stories, even when they get the hell out of office or town….

Mark Ericks seems to be the most outright dangerous of all the cronies we have seen come and go.

I wonder if he acted like this when he was a US Marshal or a State Representative?

I am getting public records for him and finding even more problems that went on, seems he made sure everyone lived in fear of the “Almighty Ericks” although I suspect his victims had a whole other host of names they called him…

Susan Neely is trying as hard as she can to reconcile the budget and she is catching all of the illegal stunts they are trying to pull and calling them out to the mat about it, nothing pisses of an abusive person worse then be challenged by a “lowly little woman” but his crony Jim Woodard seems to share his values so I’d watch out for him too if I was a county employee…


She must’ve went to the Council or they were asking her the questions she was asking: to which Mr Ericks freaks out, calls them idiots, and goes home for the day like a cry baby (a crybaby being very well paid with our tax dollars)

Let’s all just hope that Mr Somers makes a clean sweep and gets rid of every last person hired or appointed by these 2 administrations and starts over with a clean slate, hopefully with a few folks in key positions from out of state so they aren’t beholden to any of the past admin or employees


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