Removing Warning Labels and Let the Problem Sort Itself Out?

I’m sure we’ve all had “those kind of days” where this seems like not just a good idea but an absolute requirement for the human race.


We have had several tragedies occur in SnoCo over the past few years involving the Ice Caves and the Oso Landslide.

The case of the first death of a little Asian girl was summarily dismissed by our corrupt judiciary.

Then recently there was a group injured in the caves which resulted in the death of a California woman.

The difference?

The first little girl was not inside the ice cave, she was outside of it. At that time there were no warning signs posted.

The second group could see visible cracks in the cave yet they still went inside and there were warning signs. They are guaranteed a lawsuit win.

With or without warning labels people still get hurt.

In the case of the Oso Mudslide, there were plenty of alarms sounded by many scientists yet those warnings were ignored and building commenced.

The first statement by the Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Manager was that “This was totally unexpected” “It came out of nowhere” the next statements were “Those people knew the dangers”

All the signs were there but they were hidden by politicos who had their own agendas. Add to that that the DNR had their own agendas and allowed clear cutting in the arrow leading directly into the slide to be over logged. No sign could’ve saved these people from our Government’s greed.

Now SnoCo is doing everything possible to blame everyone else, but we have the emails where the Feds were trying to mitigate (buy out) that entire area so that no one would ever build there but Aaron Reardon had his “Yes Man” from DEM make a report to the Snohomish County Council that all was well and good and then the building began… every piece of wood, and every hammer of a nail bringing dozens of unsuspecting people closer to certain death.

Now there is word that DNR and Darrington Mayor Dan Rankin have worked out a new sweetheart deal to further clear cut that area… stay tuned for further tragedies courtesy of your elected officials


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