Snohomish County Clerks Strike (Finally!)

Way to go SnoCo Clerks!

They have been working without a contract for years under threat from the bigger union that has managed to bully them out of benefits and pay raises.

If you are somehow inclined to think this is a big “money grab” nothing is further from the truth.

Some workers at the clerks office have been forced to seek public assistance just to survive.

Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of going to the court house has probably dealt with the Snohomish County Clerks.

Sadly most of the time their bosses are dumber then posts and it is the clerks who hold it together, file everything correctly, follow the letter and the spirit of the law and keep us from total collapse.

If any of you have ever been in court and gotten that “duh” look from the judge as he looks down at his clerk it’s because he doesn’t have a clue, but I guarantee they do

If wasn’t for them the county would fall apart (as it is now) the scene is total and utter chaos thanks to Chris Dugovich and his merry band of goons.

In order to understand his tactics you can read this story and how anyone who challenges him is treated.

In case you weren’t aware the clerks have a different union then most of the county workers, they broke off from “big brother” and they have paid the price but they have stood up for themselves: Not a popular thing to do in Snohomish County.

I can’t be in Everett right now but if any of you see them out there please stop by, give them some encouragement and a kind word.

Also, if you are so inclined you might want to contact the County Council and ask them to stop giving special raises to their friends and family and actually pay the clerks what they are worth or something close to it.