Snohomish County Police Scanner

If you really want some idea of what goes on in Snohomish County then listen to the scanner… It’s wild Feed #2 SnoCo Scanner

So far tonight they have had a 6 yr old with a bloody mouth, multiple drunk & reckless driving calls, non-responsive female & of course the guy walking down the middle of the road that they don’t know if he is drunk or nuts (Their words not mine)

Now they are in someone’s back yard trying to find someone who is fighting. People throwing garbage cans into the road, & 3 people screaming at cars & “acting stupid” & one call for animal control for unknown reasons. (Sadly they are calling for the Medical Examiner so it seems that the non-responsive female did not survive whatever happened to her)

Most of the time it is amusing & it makes you glad that it’s them dealing with those folks & not you.

At times it can give you a perspective as to how certain officers view the general public, & other times it is heartbreaking & horrifying like the night that that man went on a shooting rampage & shot the Marysville Officer, you could hear his friend scream Jim & you could hear the fear & desperation in his voice & there was nothing you could do but pray

What you will also find is that you will hear far more things going on here then you will ever hear or see reported in the local news.

For a while a couple years back there was numerous reports of rape around the south Everett ~ North Lynnwood area, not one made it into the news & for all we know that person has never been caught nor was there ever an alert issued. It may have been the same man that raped that girl from the Cocoon house that the staff made her retract her statement after they called her a liar & charged her with false reporting: We will never know.

The scanner covers many police agencies & it is worth listening to. If you want to know what’s going on in your neck of the woods it is vitally important.

I will try to report on as many incidents as I can but I will need help from “community reporters” that is what this newspaper is all about, community reporting.

It is simple, listen to the scanner & go to that police agency in your area & ask for the reports, then forward them & we can get them posted

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