The Reluctant "Reporter"

Evidently I just got into a fissing contest with a “real journalist” who demanded I take down a part of a story. Funny thing is that before this specific interaction I thought he was somehow above me and I honestly respected him.
A journalist is basically a person who went to college for 4+yrs to learn how to write as a career. I am a blogger turned reporter based on the violations of my civil rights, which expanded with the knowledge this was happening to others enmass. For me it is not a matter of career or readership, it is a matter of conscience and doing what is right. What is right is very rarely popular, it is hardly ever sensational, and most of the time it is ridiculed, especially by those who make a career out of it. That’s okay because at the end of the day I can rest my head and my mind and know that everything I say and do is for my good and the good of others.
All I wanted to do was my dog rescue, and just be left alone in peace. The city of Everett seen to it that that could never happen again. I still rescue quite a bit so they can’t stop that but they opened my eyes to such abuse that I still don’t believe the things I see, read, and learn everyday. What I have seen, heard and been through can’t be unseen, unheard or undone. So here I am and I have no plans on going away. I would suggest that when the different city and county agencies get upset with me they might go back to that piece of garbage city prosecutor and judge. A prosecutor who is set to become a judge by taking over another retiring Judge’s position because he couldn’t get himself elected. I know unless you have known the true love and comfort of owning a dog or a cat it won’t make much sense to you but I have to do this for my pets, I can never stop or back down, I just can’t. If the city would’ve screwed with me I would’ve just probably taken it, pled out and walked away but they went after my pets, who are helpless. My kids are grown so they are like my children by default.
So for those who spent 1000’s of dollars to go to college to make a career out of “Journalism” who now just seem to be county and city PR representatives, I’m going to go ahead and keep doing what I do, and saying whatever I know to be true.
Print newspapers are a dying creature, this is the future of news. Everything is online, people are succinctly aware that major news outlets, even local ones, are not reporting on the whole story about many issues and quite frankly they are tired of it. That is not my issue, nor is it my problem.
The only alliance I have is to the citizens and to the truth, I have no ulterior motives and this is not how I make my living, nor do I need awards from any organization to bolster my ego. Ego has no place in what I’m doing or what I am trying to accomplish.
Even if I just fiss the major local news outlets into actually doing their jobs, and reporting the truth I am good with that. It seems to be working so far, I am watching news stories that come up after mine and honestly if they didn’t feel I was a threat they wouldn’t be parked on my pages, websites, blogs or this newspaper trying to “outdo” me, they wouldn’t even pay attention.
Now that our paper has been featured nationally and we have a donor for our advertising campaign to let snoco voters about us, we can only get better and bigger. We went from 20 views a day up to around 2000 a day, so hopefully we can take our message to the 750,000 residents in Snohomish County.
Those that control the message control the masses… Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get the truth out to people, and let them decide for themselves, let them learn and think without being spoonfed PR from someone with an agenda? Yeah, that’s what we are here for, even though I never wanted any of this, here it is: I plan to do it right, to do it well, and to use it to help others.
Your Reluctant Reporter…