Will Social Media help "disqualify" a corrupt judge – Judge Ronald B. Leighton.

Federal District Court Judge, Ronald B. Leighton, is presiding over Bill Scheidler’s lawsuit against a county assessor, James Avery, who is cheating retired and disabled citizens of their Article 7, Section 10 constitutional rights, and against the “lawyers” who are using the courts to hide James Avery’s fraud and continue to defraud citizens.
Scheidler’s case began in 1998, when Scheidler hired a lawyer, Scott Ellerby, to sue the then Kitsap Assessor, Carol Belas, for this fraud. However the Kitsap Prosecutor at that time, Cassandra Noble, demanded Scott Ellerby withdraw from Scheidler’s case using Ellerby’s Washington State law license as leverage. This threat by Noble forced Ellerby to withdraw on the VERY EVE of the appeal hearing that would have “resolved” the assessor’s fraud. However the “tactic” by Kitsap’s prosecutor to strip Scheidler of his lawyer in the 12-hour worked to save the Assessor and her fraud upon the retired and disabled.
Fast forward to 2012, Scheidler, still determined to stop the fraud upon the retired and disabled and armed with 10 years of on-the-job experience with Washington State’s corrupt judicial branch, sued the current Kitsap County Assessor, James Avery, who was continuing what his predecessors started – defrauding retired and disabled citizens. And of course the Kitsap Prosecutor, through Alan Miles, started with their despicable tactics to save Avery and his fraud upon the retired and disabled. So Scheidler added Alan Miles as a co-conspirator and another defendant with Avery in his fraud. By adding Kitsap Prosecutor Alan Miles as a defendant it brought in another Kitsap Prosecutor, Ione George, who’s job was to save Avery, Miles and the Assessors fraud rather than “protect” citizens.
One strategy of George was to engage in “forum shopping and judge shopping”. These are two “tactics” used by lawyers that other courts have condemned. Forum shopping is when a litigant looks for the most “favorable court” in which to file a complaint. Scheidler, by law, had to file his lawsuit in Kitsap County Superior Court. However, Ione George, removed Scheidler’s case to Federal District Court because Federal Courts operate under different rules than state courts and George want to take advantage of the favorable Federal court rules. But George also got the case assigned to federal judge Ronald B. Leighton. This is an interesting set of coincidences as Ronald B. Leighton’s wife, who is a lawyer, is associated with Kitsap County and their “insurance coverage”. In other words, if Scheidler prevailed and all the retired and disabled citizens who have been defrauded by Kitsap’s fraud were “refunded” unlawfully collected taxes, Kitsap’s insurance coverage would be ‘adversely affected’.
Scheidler, upon learning of Leighton’s wife who had a financial stake in the litigation asked Judge Leighton to “recuse”. Judge Leighton refused to hand over the case to another judge and he then “dismissed” Scheidler’s case as “frivolous on its face”. Clearly Ione George’s tactic of “forum shopping and judge shopping” was the correct strategy — even though these strategies are CONDEMNED by other courts.
Because Leighton dismissed the case, Scheidler filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco. The 9th Circuit ruled in 2014 that Judge Leighton “abused his discretion” when he dismissed Scheidler’s lawsuit against the Assessor and ordered the case heard. The 9th Circuit also said Judge Leighton “abused his discretion” when he dismissed Scheidler’s case against the “lawyers” who were protection the Assessor and their fraud, and ordered the district court allow Scheidler to amend his complaint. The 9th Circuit also ruled Judge Leighton “abused his discretion” when he claimed he didn’t have “jurisdiction” when Leighton, in fact, took jurisdiction when he engaged in all the other “abuses of discretion” that ended Scheidler’s case and required an appeal to the 9th Circuit.
After the 9th Circuit issued its ruling and remanded the case under the terms of their ruling, Scheidler immediately filed to “disqualify” judge Leighton for his “abuses of discretion”. Judge Leighton refused.
Scheidler then took his case for the disqualification of Judge Leighton to the people. He published his arguments justifying Leighton’s disqualification on Causes.com and asked for signatures in support in demanding Judge Leighton’s “disqualify” as the law requires. https://www.causes.com/actions/1780277-sign-the-petition-to-this-complaint-will-be-filed-by-me-with-supporting-signature-with-the-federal-ninth-circuit-court-of-appeals-per-28-usc
Within 20 hours Scheidler obtained over 100 signatures in support of his motion to disqualify. The petition and all of the signatures were attached to his court filing as “Offers of Proof”. [pdf-embedder url=”https://www.snocoreporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/dkt-99-offer-of-proof-in-disqualification.pdf”]
Judge Leighton has yet to rule on Scheidler’s motion that he “disqualify” and what these signatures mean in the scheme of things… stay tuned.

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