Appellate Court Working with SnoCo to Destroy the Public Records Act

Former Gold Bar Attorney Anne Block’s attempt to get public records released from the City of Gold Bar has gone the way I said it would:The politicians/judicial cronies ruled in favor of Gold Bar.Remember these faces the next time you vote please
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Marlin Applewick                 Mary  Becker                 Ronald Cox

In an 8 yr saga that seems to never end, it seems like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.
In one corner we have:
Activist Anne Block
A) A single mother who raised a child by herself and put herself through law school because she had this dream of saving the world and the defending the Constitution.
B) She has had 1 arrest at a protest, trying to save the world. Oh and a few traffic tickets.
Or as former Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers and former Gold Bar Council Member like to refer to her as “That Boston Jew Bitch” You know because she’s not barefoot and pregnant at home and she has the nerve to talk back to men… She is a bit of a potty mouth, so am I: but studies have shown that people who swear a lot are more honest then those who don’t. True story
In the other corners we have:
1) Crystal Hill former Gold Bar Mayor
A) Who helped hide an attempt to destroy Gold Bar’s water supply, then lied to the city of Bellevue to get the same person a job over there. Not before she got him a nice little “settlement” check to keep her secrets.
B) Who was charged with cashing bad checks at the Evergreen Division of our very own Snohomish County Courts.
C) Who helped hide the city clerks theft of city money.
D) Who let someone hand over the city’s pin number to thieves who supposedly stole 100’s of thousands of dollars but only a couple of thousand dollars were ever proven (the bank refused to refund the money because they interviewed the thieves who told them an old man met with them and gave them the card and pin #)They never did account for the other couple hundred thousand dollars.
E) Who has also been practicing law without a license for years. She is the one who wrote out all the phony no contact orders, fortunately she’s not really good at law.
F) A woman who was never prosecuted for child abuse thanks to the venerable Mark Roe
Meanwhile she was also (according to a Gold Bar town Matriarch) flashing her boobs at Bubba’s road house, while giving the former county exec Aaron Reardon a couple woodies here and there, (according to Joe Beavers but he later apologized to Reardon for saying it) while her home was going into foreclosure and she was frauding the Employment Security Dept, also getting herself a mail order degree so she could go teach at a FEMA school which she hasn’t paid taxes on or paid back employment security (as far as court records indicate), while sleeping with various married men, one of which she finally married.
2) Sgt Lori Batiot:
A) Former Brier Cop who was going to be fired for dishonesty but she knew to turn the tables on them and sued them, to which they basically paid her to make her go away.
B) Who had a drunk driving charge in Whatcom County
C) Who may have been driving drunk when she rear-ended someone causing permanent physical harm to that person
D) Who is filing false instruments in court because she didn’t like her records being requested for free on our taxpayer dime to help her buddies out
E) Who had to be physically removed from a home for not paying rent on a place she was using another alias name on.
It should be noted that we are waiting on 3 more criminal records from this woman and she somehow managed to start a police union for the city of Brier and there is no evidence as to what happened to that money.
3) John E Pennington Jr:
A) The prime suspect along with another legislator in the abduction and rape of a child
B) The holder of a diploma mill who is teaching EMI (Emergency Mangement Institute), AMU (American Military Institute), and FEMA classes while he is being paid by county taxpayers. He runs a business that is not and never has been licensed in this state and he lists the county fax as his personal fax # for the same business.
C) A child abuser who got away with it scott free thanks to the venerable Judge Lucas who sealed his divorce and abuse records
D) A woman abuser who has gotten away with thanks to the outstanding firm of Kenyon Disend who were directly responsible for getting him a free pass, to which they ended up getting the city contract for Duvall.
E) Ultimately the person who gave the green light for Reardon’s buddies to build in Oso leading to the death of dozens of innocent people because Reardon got him the job after their time together in the legislature, knowing full well he was about to get the boot from FEMA after his fake degree was discovered.
F) The man who allegedly stole the equipment he used to start a coffee business after he fled Oregon for almost beating a woman to death
G) Who also fled California after being accused of abusing some boys on a camping trip put on by his church
These are just 3 of the actors involved in this mess. We have atleast 10 more to add which is why we have been so silent. I am trying to put together a series of stories that will explain more about each person with documentation.
I didn’t expect the appellate court to rule in Ms Block’s favor, they are political monsters, card carrying protectors and members of the Washington State Bar Association and in general a lot of the problem in regards to violations of Constitutional and Civil Rights in Washington State.
The biggest problem for the city of Gold Bar is this: At some point a copy of all of the emails Ms Block was trying to obtain were gathered and sent to the Appellate court, so they know what the city is hiding. At some point they were split up maybe because they were creating installments but 2 people screwed up and sent those emails out, possibly to more then 10 people, and other agencies not knowing or even understanding what they had then sent them out. Plus Joe Beavers himself released a lot of them without even realizing it.
Legally I can not release those files, as far as I know, but I know exactly what they are hiding. They know that copies got sent out by accident, they just don’t know how far they got. I believe Ms Block also got copies of what I got but she will not confirm that fact, but even if she did she can’t release them herself. If she did get copies, then they have no way of knowing who she sent them to, or who I sent them to for safekeeping. Just trust me when I say this goes all the way up to the Senate, Feds, Washington State, The Washington State Bar Association, along with various counties and cities. Not the entire agencies, but different people acting under their own authority and abusing those positions.
The point is that they have to fight tooth and nail to make sure those records don’t get out to where we can publish them, ultimately they will fail. The Washington State Supreme Court will probably not accept review but they can not stop the courts above them. This is going to go all the way to the top.
To make matters worse these 3 individuals came together as a group not only to try to obtain an illegal protection order to try to destroy Anne Block before their records were released and somehow drug me into the fray, so now my name, online presence, and social media sites have been sent all the way to Dept of Homeland Security while they were illegally tracking Ms Block
Initially Batiot got a Judge to sign off on a false protection order but the next Judge got wise quick and fast, too bad the first Judge didn’t take the time to research any of this

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