Bob Caruso… 76 yrs old and Accused of Rape

Honestly I don’t know Robert Caruso as an attorney or as a human being but here we are. My occasional disdain for him was very misplaced though, as I have learned a lot of attorneys can’t fight for people without the fear of being sanctioned or disbarred. Him especially, I have found instances where he really did try to help his clients but he was just pile drived.

Once we get rid of the WSBA this state is going to have a violent surge in champion attorneys, mark my words.

I don’t know Caruso personally, not sure I want to. I can get in enough trouble by myself thank you very much: I don’t need any help.

So I read that he has become the prime suspect in a rape. Evidently there was a car wreck and the lady was drunk Robert offered to take her to the hospital but once they got there, there were state patrol officers there and she was not supposed to be driving so she asked to leave to go somewhere she could sober up but she is telling police that she got in the car after the wreck and he took her straight to his place, got her high handcuffed her and had his way with her.

What is really disturbing is that every story includes this sentence Caruso also made a bid to run for Spokane County Prosecutor against Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker

Steve Tucker, a former WSP is his very own bag of crap. He has covered up so many crimes committed by WSP that it is seriously not funny. Here is the aftermath of what happens when you cross the prosecutor & WSP over there This guy got falsely accused of buying child porn & since they couldn’t convict him they simply beat the tar out of him, nevermind they NEVER found any evidence of porn on his computer & that he proved that his credit card had been stolen & used for it ~ can’t let those pesky facts get in the way there

Todd Chism

Troopers in Chism case not punished

The two Washington State Patrol troopers whose botched child pornography investigation cost taxpayers $2.4 million have been transferred off a sex crimes unit but have not faced any discipline for providing false information to a judge.

WSP Sgt. John Sager and Trooper Rachel Gardner are back on patrol and will not be placed on what’s known as a “Brady” list for officers known to have lied on the job, WSP spokesman Bob Calkins said

They won’t be placed on the ‘Brady List” but at least anyone else they lie about can take their testimony to the Washington State Appeals Court

So Caruso is kind of a potty mouth good old boy kinda guy. He tells racist jokes and manages to piss quite a few folks off. (Maybe we are related)

Back to the girl’s “story”, she says he handcuffed her and they did find handcuffs and some women’s clothes in there as she was found outside in her bra and panties.That doesn’t mean the handcuffs were his either, I know quite a few women who carry them and no: I have never asked them why, because I don’t want to know.

He supposedly fed her pills and booze but she was already loaded so adding more wouldn’t have been very smart, but judging from what I am seeing and what I am hearing she has an alcohol/drug/criminal problem. So who knows if she agreed to play around with him and woke up in a fog and didn’t remember.

Everything I have ever been told about him in the past 4 years has never ever been about him being any kind of a pervert, maybe he might’ve shared too much personal info or told a raunchy joke or two but he seems to be kind of a softy from everything I am being told over and over again.

I think most of my readers KNOW I am the first one to get on the bandwagon and go after anyone accused of rape but once I seen the US Attorney, and WSBA snooping around my page I knew there was MUCH MORE to the story… there always is when they are involved.

This guy always seems to be under the WSBA gun though…

1} He was fined $7,800 for filing a frivolous lawsuit in 2000 against former Spokane Mayor John Powers (remember that the WSBA will destroy you for this kind of stuff)
2} Superior Court Judge Neal Rielly ripped Caruso for incompetence during a 2004 trial (All of these people stick together and so nothing he presents is going to be given merit)
3} Caruso was admonished in August by the WSBA for telling a “racist” joke in front of a black jailer

Now do I think he is prejudiced? No he is probably just a bit socially retarded, just like I am so I do have an understanding of foot and mouth disease. If I am correct Caruso is an Italian last name and if he is Italian that explains a lot too, my grandfather could incite a riot with one ill placed joke and didn’t care who he offended.

There is also the fact that Steve Tucker is releasing so many details of the case that it sounds more like a campaign ploy to make sure that he would not have anymore competition from Caruso, and make voter points. Always pay attention to whatever the media reports on by politicians (elected prosecutors) do right before elections.

There is seriously NO details of the case that haven’t been released to the media, down to the color of this woman’s underwear so they have made absolutely 100% sure to taint the jury pool as much as possible.

They are hoping that this guy has already been convicted in the “Court of Public Opinion” but the funny thing is the lack of comments on any of these stories: one is in his defense by someone who can tell this reeks of bullshit. You would think these stories would be run down with many many many comments if anyone believed this? There are 2 comments on all of the stories, Tucker must be so disappointed.

So we know that he willingly went and gave his DNA, and I know for a fact that he has had many women over to his house, a couple of them were pissy drunk (which is why they had to sleep over) and not one of those women was ever assaulted, attacked or raped. I’m pretty sure that they are going to testify in his behalf as far as I know IF this BS ever gets to trial.. While he’s at it I hope he sues them, and this time he won’t have to take it to a Spokane county judge, he’ll be able to take it straight to Federal Courts.

Take into account that as tough as he likes to think he is, he is a 76yr old man. That you should be your first clue that something is rotten in Denmark Spokane County. I have much more info but I’m going to let this play out in the media circus, just trust me when I say this is pure unadulterated crap. It looks like I need to keep my eye on this side of the state once more. I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened I am saying it didn’t happen, period.

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