Mission Statement – History of Our Cause

I know I’ve been slow in posting lately but I am working on stories about some of the biggest agencies in this state.

They involve:
The Supreme Court,
The Appeals Court,
The Western District Court,
The Washington State Patrol,
The Washington State Attorney General,
Snohomish County Prosecutors,
Snohomish County Public Defenders,
Dawson Place, several other fake “victim advocate” scams,
and as you can probably guess an entire litany of the usual elected officials.

In the past few weeks some naughty little members have been trying to attack my website and hack into it.They came onto the latest WSBA story about Robin Haynes the WSBA Governor being charged with theft from several law firms, yes, several. (Not just one)

Spokane, United States
IP: [unblock] 
Reason: Manual block by administrator
Hostname: 97-114-116-65.spok.qwest.net
Seattle, United States
IP: [unblock]
Reason: Manual block by administrator
 Hostname: c-73-109-249-226.hsd1.wa.comcast.net

They reported my GoFundMe as “political hate speech” and GoFundMe actually took it down. I can start a fund to get a boob job but if I try to make a difference in our state I get shut down. Amazing…

So we lost our donation “button” but they took so much of it anyway that it really isn’t a big loss. What it is, is racketeering, they are going after my business, as a group.

6 yrs ago I offered the city of Everett a settlement, of 1.5 million dollars, dismissal of all false charges and a public apology for all of the things they did to me and my animals. Now I wouldn’t take anything less than 10 million dollars and my animals that are still alive returned.

Instead Michael Fisher, (Geoffrey Gibbs golfing buddy) decided his ego was more important and he set me up to the best of his ability.

What they did to me was only equal to what they have done to a woman named Carolyn Ryggs.

If you DARE to fight back or defend yourself they systematically destroy your entire life, everything you’ve worked for is gone in the flash of a pen.

They take people with no criminal record (except driving records) and turn them into criminals, they take away their ability to work and if they manage to find work they illegally garnish those wages in order to further shame and destroy people.

None of it would’ve been or could’ve been possible without this piece of garbage, former Judge David Mitchell of Everett Municipal Court.

It’s always Mitchell and Fisher and sometimes a public defender acting as a Judge in order to do their bidding Jason Schwarz.

When Jason Schwarz is not busy being their mule he is busy serving Mark Roe, lying to clients and hiding evidence against Brady cop David Fontenot

If you have a public defender or even a paid lawyer that has told you to conflict out Judge O’Dell they have set you up. Problem is that now they got Judge Van Slyke who is the slimiest of all of them in charge, so either way you are going to be railroaded.

If you decide to fight back well then they get an even bigger piece of garbage to shut you down. Enter Judge Okrent, (this is a picture I found on google and it is perfect)

There are other judges involved but these main 3 seem to always come up together.

Judge Okrent should’ve been disbarred long before he was ever appointed as a Judge, for sleeping with his clients.

Instead he was allowed to marry one of those clients Rita Salazar and destroy the life of her ex-husband who was also an attorney Mr Paul King.

They are still going after his partner as well for defending him.

They are also very close to Judge Dingledy which is disappointing because I always figured her as a decent Judge. So much for that idea.

Their connections to
Seth Fine, Snohomish County Hearings officer Peter Camp, Attorney Phil Sayles, Judicial Candidate Rico Tessandore, Snohomish County Prosecutor Francesca Yahyavi, Private Attorney Cassandra Lopez De Arriaga, Snohomish County Public Defender Cassie Trueblood, Snohomish County Judge Eric Lucas, Snohomish County Judge Ellis, Snohomish County Judge Downes, Snohomish County Judge Kristen Olbrechts, Snohomish County Judge Anthony Howard, Remy Leonard, Snohomish County Judge Cindy Larson, Snohomish County Judge Thomas Wynne, King County Judge David Keenan, Justice Steven Gonzalez, Judge Douglas Fair, Lynnwood Judge Stephen Moore, King Count Judge Roger Rogoff, Snohomish County Councilman Brian Sullivan, City of Everett Deborah Wright, Steve Hobbs, Deanna Dawson, Maralyn Chase, Anderson Hunter Law Firm, Dino Millikan Law Firm, Kenyon Disend Law Firm, John Lovick, Judge Marlin Applewick, Snohomish County Regional Drug Task Force Commander Pat Slack, Cindy Ryu, Mark Ericks, Marko Liias, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Hans Dunshee, Jennifer Gregerson, Susan Neely, Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste, Mike Sells, Judge Laura Van Slycke, Judge Trish Lyon, Fred Walser, WSBA Anthony Gipe, Judge Joanna Bender, Bridget Clawson, Snohomish Mayor Karen Guzak,, Mary Helen Roberts, Snohomish County Councilwoman Stephanie Wright, Sheriff Ty Trenary, Judge Jeffrey Goodwin, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterburg, John Urquhart, King County Executive Dow Constantine, Justice Barbara Madsen, Pierce County Prosecutor Steve Merrival, Justice Charlie Wiggins, Justice Mary Fairhurst, Justice Mary Yu, Justice Deborah Stevens, US Western District Court Judge Jones, Robin Haynes, Lin O’Dell, Linda Eide,

There are more, many more and I will name them all, as soon as I can.

Whatever I’m doing it seems that I am getting to them, they are trying as hard as they can to shut me down.

I’m not going anywhere and I would suggest that they all refer to Mike Fisher, David Mitchell, and Richard Okrent to see how easy it is to get rid of me.

Every truth I have told, every crime I have uncovered, every politician I’ve outed, and every person I have defended is because of them.

If they would’ve just left me alone and followed the law I would not have gone down the path that I am on now. All I wanted was my name cleared, my animals returned and to be left alone.

I was just a lowly little animal rescuer, I wasn’t hurting anyone except those that hurt animals but after what happened to me I realized it was far worse then I could’ve ever imagined.

So maybe the man in the pimp hat with his Halloween whore, and all the little whores that pass themselves around the office at various parties should really take a good look at themselves. Evidently you all have to “sign in” to some of your little parties and I see lots of you signed in without your spouses.

Evidently there is some serious infighting going on and people are starting to talk. I am not stupid enough to think they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, they are all scared and don’t want to be the only ones caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Some of you may have noticed that I have mentioned private people, which I don’t usually do but there is a reason and they deserve it.

They are not going to win, I am not going to stop, I have already lost everything so they can’t take anything more, they have far more to lose then I ever will.

It’s a quagmire…