Update On The Frame Up of a Local Citizen

As I told you about the Brady Cops, Mark Roe and the PA’s Office have went after a local citizen who sued the Monroe School District and won.

We are getting a few updates but Judge Judge has requested no pictures or video be posted til after the trial.

Here is what I know so far

Their 1st witness a former employee that Ms Shavlik let bring her child to work, completely changed her story, but the defense attorney caught it and made her look like what she was. Keep in mind that this is the same person who told the defense’s private investigator that the original statement she filled out was full of stuff she didn’t say and that testimony changed on the 1st trial as well

Then they tried to claim Ms Shavlik was in debt by adding her mortgages and future rent and bills: If we were all judged that way we’d all be suspects of anything.

Oh and they did establish that Ms Shavlik was on occasion late with payroll which happens with small businesses, but the funniest part is that they had the lady who kept changing her stories say that sometimes she would come in and take money from the register to buy supplies or lunch. Let this be a warning to all small business owners that if you touch your own money you too could go to prison.

Ms Shavlik owned 2 tanning salons and they seem to base her intent on the fact that she switched furniture with the one that wasn’t doing so great (where the fire was) with the one that was doing really good. That just makes business sense, present the best appearance to where you’re making the money

Most disturbing was the property manager seemed to know more about Ms Shavlik’s finances (current and future) then Ms Shavlik seemed to know. That was a huge red flag, why would he know so much about her personal finances? What does he have to gain in this matter? How does he know this?

Moving on they brought back a former county computer specialist, flew him in from some southwestern state to say: They didn’t have the technology a couple of years ago to say if a computer had been wiped (think Kevin Hulten) when they’ve had that technology for almost 2 decades.

So in a complete attempt at a character assassination they are trying to make it seem as if she was going to claim insurance money for this yet the damage was only about a 100 dollars which Ms Shavlik paid for herself… and she never opened any type of insurance claim because there was no major damage.

FYI even if they can get someone naive enough to believe any of this nonsense this does not even come close to 1st degree arson in property damage amount or intent, both of which are elements.

It didn’t even meet the definition of actual arson by law to begin with but that what you get with a Fire Chief with no training or certification in fire investigation who wouldn’t know what an arson was if you sent it to him in a pretty little box with instructions.

The most important thing that should be noted is that I and a few others have seen Mark Roe in the bathroom for a creepy long time with Officer Fontenot, and that he has spent hours in and out of the courtroom as well as sending numerous people from his office to listen in on the trial and to keep giving the PA assigned to this pointers and tips. Maybe he thinks she is too stupid to prosecute a case on her own?

We have over 140 open child molestation cases, and 1000’s of other crimes, including the murder of a 3 month old baby yet he is busy with his staff “babysitting” his latest farce of a case. There are real criminals out there, there are people being hurt, or waiting for justice but he thinks it’s more important to make sure that Ms Shavlik gets convicted for a crime she didn’t commit.

It would almost be funny if they weren’t trying to destroy a human being based on lies and complete stupidity. A tax paying citizen is being judged by 2 lying cops, several other well versed liars and a laundry list of incompetent boobs.

I won’t be able to get back up there until Monday but I’ll give you any updates I see after that because we all know that even though they have a contrived shabby case of nothing they are going to still try to railroad this woman.

There are a few people up there keeping an eye on them in the meantime and after this trial I hope they publicize everything they have gotten

Their ego’s won’t let them stop and do the right thing and admit they are wrong, and that now they are doing nothing but lying to cover up their screw up. These past 4 days could’ve been used prosecuting murderers or rapists. Instead they are going free

Way to go Mark Roe