OP/ED Elected Officials, County city and state workers should be bonded

With all of the corruption running rampant though our county and state, ultimately it ends up being the tax payers who bear the brunt of their egregious behavior.
The long list of lawsuits are dizzying and there promises to many more multi-million dollars suits headed our way.

Here is just a short list of recent lawsuits and settlements

Lake Stevens’ settlement with sergeant: $325K
Debi Humann wins lawsuit against city, Cooper — awarded more than $1 million in damages
Lawsuit filed against county over fatal 2011 crash in Marysville
County will pay $600K to family of man who died after being Tased
Woman who gave birth in county jail files civil rights lawsuit
Everett fully denies racism within Police Department in court papers
Corrections officer Jayme Biendl’s family settles lawsuit with state
Legal Woes Continue to Plague Mountlake Terrace Police Department
Snohomish County pays $600,000 to settle sexual harassment case
WSATF has won 43 lawsuits in eight different counties, totaling over $195,000 in judgments for staff who have been assaulted
Deputy, nurse added to jail-death lawsuit
Abuse Survivor Settles with DSHS for $2,500,000
County settles another lawsuit, this one for $750K
$125,000 settlement reached against forensic pathologist Dr. Norman Thiersch
Brightwater sewage treatment plant
Former court worker paid by Snohomish County to settle lawsuit
Parents of slain teen donate 100K of their 1.75 million dollar settlement in the death of their daughter for DV programs
A year of costly settlements for Snohomish County
M’ville’s Kundu files $50 million suit against county
10 families of Oso slide victims sue state, county, forest owner
Several failures led to county’s $575,000 settlement
DSHS Snohomish County, WA. being sued for $22 million

All the money listed above was given to these people by you and I, yes the taxpayers. Insurance covers some but most of it comes from our hard work. It’s not as if these folks didn’t deserve some type of compensation, and the sad truth is that no amount of money will bring back a loved one, or teach these govt goons a lesson.

There are no real consequences for their behavior.

I would like to see legislation that says that all elected officials, city, county and state supervisors have to be licensed and bonded with the work agreement stating that any of their assets would be subject to forfeiture if they violate any citizens rights. I’ll tell you what: The first time the insurance company had to fork over 100’s of 1000’s of dollars, and the person responsible loses their home and assets, everyone in these positions will think twice before they abuse their power to destroy an innocent citizen.

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