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There was a big uproar about a man who runs a river rafting tour service who was going to give people a guided tour around the Oso area, & a portion of the proceeds were to go to the families.

There is also a bike ride through there that costs 30 dollars, of which none of the proceeds are going to help the Oso families but you do get a coffee mug for an early registration.

Now one of the family’s attorneys fired off a letter threatening to “take action” if the trip proceeded.

A law firm representing several family members of victims is threatening to take action if the plan moves forward. Attorney Karen Willie fired off an email to the company asking Pacific NW Float Trips to voluntarily abandon plans for the river tours. In the letter she wrote: “They (victims’ families) are appalled that your company would make the last resting place of their families into a tourist attraction.  The specter of gawkers munching on lunch in the comfort of a boat discussing an area that is a field of pain and loss to them is so insensitive as to be almost incredible.” Button admits he didn’t consult with family members. He added that the first time he spoke with many of them was after they saw his ad on Groupon. “To me it is like a memorial,” said Button. “So there’s got to be some way to honor those people who lost their life there.” Button plans on meeting with family members next week.

So here is a guy trying to pay tribute to those we lost, & they attack him but I guess if you give out free early registration mugs that must make it all okay

From a legal perspective here is an attorney who is preparing to sue the county & state: It is bizarre that she wouldn’t want people to see the destruction up close, to know, to see, & to hopefully understand what terror & despair the victims & their families have had to go through. It is very hard to even fathom what happened that day until you see it, in person.

The river trip would not destroy the landscape, no one would be looting anything, & it would give those who don’t understand what happened a new perspective. This man is a member of the community who has led many tours through the area before all of this horror happened. Who knows: Maybe 1 person on that trip could be so moved that they could make it their life’s mission to make sure it never happens again.The meeting place for the trip is at the Chapel so they can pay tribute or say a prayer for those they are about to memorialize

The families & survivors are busy trying to heal, but instead of attacking everyone maybe they should move now towards healing, include others in their grieving. Some days, I stumble on one of my blog posts about Oso & I look at the precious faces of those that have died & even now, I still cry. I still have nightmares about it, a whole community, a whole nation was destroyed on that day, but it is up to us who are still here to help others heal, to teach others so that this never happens again, & to try to be kind to one another.

Stilliguamish Raft Adventure

Wonder Rivers. See the devestation caused by the gigantic Mudslide along the North Fork of The Stilliguamish River. View this Natural Disaster from one of our Avon Rafts as you flow silently by this mysterious area that drew National Attention and a visit from our President. Learn the causes history, geography and significance of this strategic movement of an entire mountain. Proceeds benefit the survivors of The Oso Mudslide
Cost $90.00 Includes Lunch.

Meeting at the Chapel in Oso. Just off HWY 530.

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There are other events planned but some are private

Community events will mark one year since Oso-area slide
Originally published March 14, 2015 at 6:44 pm Updated March 14, 2015 at 6:53 pm

SNOHOMISH COUNTY LANDSLIDE: ONE YEAR LATER | Several events will be held next weekend to commemorate the 43 who lost their lives, and the continuing community resolve, following the March 22, 2014, slide. By Jack Broom Seattle Times staff reporter


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