So what's the big deal about same sex marriage?

Ireland (yes, the entire country) just voted to legalize same sex marriage, over 61% of the population thought it was a great idea who’s time has come.
For those who use religion to justify your hatred for another human being’s existence this may not bode well.
For those of us who have been on the losing end of civil right fights it is an emotional victory beyond words.
Somewhere around 7 out of 10 heterosexual marriages will end in divorce so the claim that it is a “sacred Institution” fails on every level. Most of those marriages leave children fatherless or motherless in it’s wake.
Same sex divorce is about 1 in 10 at this point, and 95% don’t involve children, those that do have children had to fight for those kids the same way they had to fight for the right to marry so it is in fact “Sacred” to them.
There was a time when:
Women couldn’t vote
Minorities couldn’t use the same facilities as whites
Women and children were considered property
Native American’s weren’t legally recognized as human beings
African slaves had less worth then cattle
When certain races couldn’t legally marry
All of that has changed, slowly but surely we are becoming “Civilized”
Now all we have to do is stop killing people to show people that killing people is wrong… and stop treating animals as if they have less worth then we do.