Worth less than a dog

I just watched a crime spree/car chase on the news from somewhere in California. A desperate young man jumps from one stolen car to go car jack another car in front of him. The woman being interviewed is upset & crying the camera pans in to catch the tears streaming down her face.

How did he get to that moment in his life? What was it in his past that made that an option? It would seem he has no respect for others life & property. Why should he? It would seem that no one taught him these things, because it’s possible no one taught his parents those things.

We have created a subspecies of human beings & are rapidly eliminating the middle class. There are rich & there are poor. Those in the middle could be sleeping in a doorway in 30 days time if just one thing goes wrong. When you eliminate the middle class you create a totalitarianism nation. We are months away from just that.


The problem is when you create generations of people with nothing left to lose you also create a danger to society.

Plan A in the 80’s brought crack cocaine & AIDS, that should’ve wiped out the poor, & minorities, but like roaches we survived. The problem with trying wipe out entire generations of people who have merely subsisted for generations is that our compositions are stronger, we have more childbearing years & multiple births are most common in our class of people. We are breeding faster then the govt can help us die. Oh dear the rich are smoking crack & getting AIDs, it’s an “epidemic”

Okay so onto to Plan B ~ let’s bring more meth & guns into America, yes we brought them in more correctly our Government brought them in, mostly from Mexico & I have proof that I have seen with my own eyes of where most of the guns & drugs in this country come from. Oh no rich little college kids are smoking & making meth, we got another epidemic on our hands.

Uh oh: now the govt has “armed” us, now they have to hurry & take away our gun rights. Marshall Law is a lot harder to enforce when your captives can fight back

On to Plan C ~ What’s cheap & will keep our prison systems full of minorities & the poor? Heroin! Yep that’ll do it. Oops rich white kids are hooked on it now, crap. It’s official: we now have another “epidemic”

Well at least most citizens are supremely ignorant about the Govt & how it operates so they still have enough power to destroy anyone who fights back. The problem is that for the ones who are aware, they are mobilizing.

Since we have become a nation of we the corporations instead of we the people, the “people” have been left to their own devices & have created a movement called “Anon”. They are not a shadowy cloaked agency no ulterior motives but for the greater good. They won’t be on CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX tonight but they will be watching, ever vigilant, always present. All the media can do is distort their true mission… by calling Statists (Govt), Anarchists. The people you see destroying businesses & rioting are not part of the Anon movement, Anarchists by nature & beliefs are a peaceful movement. Rioters or statists are more like the govt, they want to rule by fear. But hey: If the media said it must be true


Myself personally I am not smart enough yet to be part of the Anon movement but they have protected me in many ways.

So as I watch the news & see minorities & poor killing each other my heart cries, they are doing what they have been taught or reacting because of things they have never been taught. Every death, every sentence is a victory for the 1%: more jobs, more prisons, & more good laughs… but mark my words: Even a dog gets sick of getting beaten & will eventually bite back. The “Haves” & the “Have Nots” days are coming to an end very soon. Human nature will always prevail, the one thing we have in our favor is our survival instinct. We know intrinsically that we are worth less then a common dog but we are learning, we are waiting, & soon we will be able to play your games, on your fields & we will win. The battles are now fought in boardrooms & courtrooms & there is an entire generation watching.

The saying that our children are our hope for the future has never been more true.

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