Snohomish County Defining Racketeering

I love Public Records, more correctly I love the Public Records Act: The records, not so much…

Thanks to an alert reader we discovered that Mark Roe failed to file charges against 2 people who beat, neglected, and abused a tiny baby to death. They are running the streets getting high and enjoying their life while the rest of their kids are being cared for with our tax dollars while they are in a foster home. A foster home that they will most likely also be sexually abused or neglected in.

We can’t forget about the little boy who died of acute Tylenol poisoning, Roe wasn’t even interested in investigating so he was cremated without so much as one person who cared. Or the fact that Crystal Hill Pennington got off scott free for beating up a child under his “watch”

I wonder how many children have been raped, how many men and women have been sexually abused because Mark Roe’s office is allowing the Snohomish County Jail to ID-Book & Release rapists.

Or if you have a certain last name, evidently you are not even required to register even when you’ve been convicted of rape of a child.

So what does Mr Roe do that seems to prevent him from doing his job?

Well his office runs down to Olympia any chance they get to try to eliminate the Public Records Act because they can’t have the voters knowing how many crimes that he and Sara DiVittorio are guilty of.

We first told you in early March 2015 John Pennington and his wife Crystal Hill Pennington trying to get a no contact order against Ms Block which failed, miserably.

So then Crystal Hill Pennington goes running to the Granite Falls Police Dept and files a complaint against Ms Block even though Ms Block lives in Gold Bar and Pennington lives in King County. In the records we just received they blacked out her names as a victim who’s life would be in danger but they only did it half the time


So the Penningtons managed to get the cities of Shoreline (Officer Cory Coblantz) and Duvall (Lori Batiot) involved along with the Port of Seattle.

Shoreline tried to charge Ms Block with an imaginary crime but the prosecutors absolutely declined to press criminal charges, at the same time Ms Batiot went and filed for a free restraining order at taxpayer’s expense which she got initially but that was also thrown out on June 21st, 2015

So enter in the latest batch of Public Records: Seems Mr Roe is “Forum Shopping”

First he tried to get the City of Edmonds prosecuting firm of Zackor and Thomas to figure out a way to charge Ms Block with a crime, in early May of 2015, that didn’t work. (There was another PDF that I got that was about how to prosecute Ms Block but it was entirely redacted so they are hiding behind “attorney client communication”)

(Remember these are the same folks who couldn’t even figure their way out of wet paper bag to prosecute Rose Adams for animal cruelty even though 20 other people did the work for them and got all the proof they needed)


In July 2015 Mr Roe once again goes “Forum Shopping” and goes crying to King County Prosecutor Mark Larson to try to invent a charge against Ms Block to trump up a criminal conviction on her, but you see he’s not smart enough to know “if the charges are fileable” (Imaginary charges rarely ever are). How in the world does he not know if charges are fileable? Isn’t he supposed to be the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney? Aren’t they supposed to know things like that?


So any dictionary will tell you that a conspiracy is when a group of 2 or more people work together to harm you (under RICO) If this isn’t plain to any average citizen what is going on then I am not sure what else I can present.

Babies are dying, children and adults are getting raped, people are being murdered and this genius is out trying to trump up false criminal charges using our tax dollars against law abiding tax-paying citizens.

Obviously a child abusing woman convicted of check fraud and a cop with several DUI’s who sues every agency she works for when she gets fired are far more credible then a citizen with a speeding ticket.

We cleaned up the executive’s office (so far) with each single vote. We can do the same for the Sheriff’s Dept, the Courts, and the Prosecutor’s Office.