Why Politician's Pasts Matter

My “Business” is to dig up new and old dirt on those who lead us but it shouldn’t be just my business, everyone who puts these people in charge of our money and our lives should be doing the same thing.
So why does it even matter? Well let’s just look at Mr Gibbs and Judge Appelwick’s “relationship” Gibbs is a very ambitious power hungry man, Appelwick is in a postition of power over our BELOVED Constitution and the lives, possibly even the freedom of others. They have a 30+ yr relationship based on immoral activities.
Either one of those men could be subject to being blackmailed by someone who found out about their past and agreed to keep it quiet for “favors”
The same goes for those massively in debt: The are easily corrupted, it wouldn’t take much to bribe them especially if they think they will never get caught or have the protection of the WSBA, the Courts, or those higher up in Govt. (most do).
That is the very reason most employers run a background check along with a credit check on new hires, they want to know how desperate these folks could be.
It may not be fair to someone who hit on bad times once in their lifetime but from a business perspective it makes perfect sense. The Federal Govt is the same way because they know what could happen.
Have you ever asked to see a full background check on someone you were voting for? Why not? Those with nothing to hide would gladly do it to show just that they had nothing to hide.
In case no one has noticed: I have never been sued for anything I have personally written about anyone. Why? Because I have proof of everything I say or I don’t say it. I have gotten it a little skewed once or twice but I immediately fix it, go back over and recheck everything.
I have terabytes of information about people in power, most of it I have not released, most of it I never will. Why? Most of it is information that is none of our business, things like affairs from 10 or 20 years ago, even some current affairs or even a stupid thing someone did as a teen. It is not relevant to what is happening today and all it would do is embarrass the spouse or humiliate the children.
It only becomes our business when favors are done for others because of it, or it affects our tax dollars and govt, then it is everyone’s business. It is also our business when those same people are accused of, or convicted of abuse or crimes of dishonesty.
Perfect illustration: One of Aaron Reardon’s mistresses name was never even mentioned, yet they threw the one who originally reported their affair straight under the bus. There was an “intimacy kit” that was talked about but it was while he was with the other one, not the one we all heard about. Why, because she had been passed around quite a bit and had gained favor, possibly blackmailed a few fellows and she attained her own position of power.
I don’t know about you but I don’t want someone who got his or her position in govt from a vertical position running anything in my county or govt. I will release that story at a later date, along with the story about the cop’s wife. I’m not sure how Reardon had anytime to run the county with all of the screwing around.
We have a cop who became a cop with multiple DUI’s and other questionable behavior teaming up with a woman who was convicted of check fraud that still became Mayor Then they managed to get a Shoreline Cop to violate the law with the help of the Port of Seattle Police
On the other side there have been folks I have gotten info about and I have approached them with it, when they have asked me what I wanted, I simply said for them to step down, and go away. They have; so they are no longer in control of any of our resources or civil liberties so it’s pretty much a moot point but if they pop up again everything I have will be published and they are free to deal with the consequences.
Those are the ones that weren’t really that bad because once they were faced with what they had done and they couldn’t buy, bribe or threaten their way out of it, they just bowed their head and moved on. It’s the one’s who have been in the news and continue to hold their head up high like they are “entitled” to act any way they want that we need to worry about. Men like Geoffrey Gibbs, Marlin Appelwick, John Pennington, Aaron Reardon, and about 27 others I am working on right now. They are like a bad rash, they just keep coming back and rising higher and higher in the ranks, lie after lie after lie, they continue.
Now the local paper is trying to shut me down, that is laughable, but none the less they are still trying. The same local paper who has at least some of the same info I have but have never reported it. One good thing, maybe the only thing is that they have now started to let up on Dave Somers instead of trying to make it look like he’s picking on Lovick but that’s another story for another time. They did try with all their might to discredit Anne Block though but that story only garnered 8 comments and fell off the front page within hours.
I think many people underestimate me, to their own undoing. I am not doing any of this for myself personally. I don’t get paid for this, I don’t get advertising money. I do occasionally get a donation but that goes right back into this paper to make it even better. I have never paid to bump my ratings (I couldn’t afford to do it anyway) even though I’m up to a couple thousand views a day.
I have my own suits and issues I need to work on which I am falling behind on but I am bound and determined to do the right thing, to protect my rights, and the Constitution. This has not made me “popular” it hasn’t made me any “friends in high places”, or gotten me any “special favors”… quite the opposite.
The last time I checked I didn’t need anyone’s permission to do the right thing…

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